Drone Roof Inspection

I will post updates here as I get used to flying and filming with the drone. I see a big upside to this.
Posted our latest test flight at our https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=(https://www.youtube.com/user/BakerInsptnGrup)

The step flashing on that chimney looked like it had some issues. Your neighbor doesn’t have a very tidy backyard either. The drone is cool.

Can it take pictures as you’re recording? And what type of drone is it?

Rico, yes, you can control the camera from your cellphone to take video and still pics. The remote has a special mount that holds it. I use an old HTC Evo so if any incoming calls come into your cellphone it doesn’t mess up the wifi connections. Also, push services like your email will shut down its wifi signal I’ve found. I usually just video the whole thing and take stillcaps of it to use in the report.

The inspection I had planned to try it at was a 2 story 4 plex, after walking it I tried with the drone, not good as u had to fly with it out of sight, not at that point yet in my flying career.
I did trial run at one the vacant homes near my house. With more fly time I can see putting where u want will be easy.
It’s a DJI FC 40.
Have not tried taking a picture while recording, will try that next time.
The trick will be finding the right amount of zoom (adjustable from phone) and the right tilt of the camera ( not adjustable in flight)
Booked an 8000 sq ft inspection next week for the same realtor that had the roof I could access. Will have another option now.

Scot which one did you get ?
The phantom 2 vision you can tilt the camera up and down been using mine the last 2 months works great, still as some limitations

The fc40, the price point was too good as a starting point.