Drones V/S walkover

Anyone that has been on this forum more than 2 minutes knows I am a fan of walking the roof to inspect it. Now that we have purchased two drones I am even more convinced that drones do a less than perfect way to inspect a roof. It simply takes to long with a drone to get very close to the roof which then only allows you to see a small section. We did a trial roof yesterday on a friends home with the drone and a walkover. We did not purchase the drone to do residential roof inspections basically commercial only so I will continue to do walkovers

The first 3 images were with the drone

The next two were from on the roof

very nice

That cricket need some work…Huh?

You get use to it charlie should be able to a better close up

I am comfortable flying the drone I can put it where I want it but I don’t think I will ever be comfortable not doing a walk over. Its just not the same feeling I get up there standing on the roof and taking the whole picture in. I taught my self how to market home inspections using IR and I will do the same approach to marketing with the drone as I did with IR. Now that my son is on board with me I would like to double my market. Candy bowls and visiting Realtor offices and open houses just was never my approach.:wink:

Good stuff , never thought candy bowels and visiting was not my cup of tea ether . Works for some . I just do my job works for me , i do not even really advertised .

Don’t expect to get much business if you do … :mrgreen:

LOL didn’t see that one , must have had something else on my mind :wink: