Practice flight: Close Roof Inspection by UAV

Here’s a practice flight of what a real time roof inspection by drone would look like. I have reduced the gimbal speed after this trial for smoother vertical panning. As you can see, it’s no trick to move in tight for close examination of roof details. Easy to capture hi-res still images at the same time. I need to check out some of the new advanced flight modes which might help automate the flight path.

Once the FAA gets their act together or I receive an exemption, I can definitely see using this on high 2,3 and 4 story roofs, particularly those that are closed in by other structures and not even visible from the ground. I would still rather walk a roof than fly it, but I’d rather fly it than simply disclaim it.

UAV Roof Inspection (non-commercial)


Sweet. :smiley:

Thought you were going to hit the wall near the end, wow very cool.
Did it come with a camera or did you mount it and what kind?

Hi Chuck, awesome vid, is it a phantom?

I was trying to blow the pine needles off that area so we could see the TPO / Comp transition, but they were a little too thick and didn’t want to budge. I’ll have to add a set of prop guards in case of miscalculation.

It’s a Phantom 3 Advanced. Very stable gimbal (in my novice opinion) and pretty decent camera too.

Very good, do you play the piano too?

Nice Work…

Decent stills too (there is a lot of data in the full resolution version of the image)

Sweet, thing is very steady.

Very nice Chuck, question, at 1:57 is that a cracked shingle just below the vent stack?

Chuck, really like it and am that much closer to get one because of the number of times I have not been able to see a roof up here in the mountains.
How long to it take you to get that proficient on using it?

I saw it too:) are those Atlas Chalet?

Good job Chuck! :slight_smile:

I think that is a small tear below the high efficiency furnace vent (good eye). I just installed that vent a couple of months ago. I’ll get it with some NP-1 when I install the other furnace next month (converting from electric to gas). The shingles are Certainteed, Landmark Premium, Max Def. The barrel roof is covered in 80 mil TPO.

That was about my third or fourth flight, so I’m far from proficient, but the controls are amazingly precise and the vehicle is really stable in the air. I think I can use it to clear most of the pine needles from the roof:).

Thanks Chuck, I’m impressed. One of my concerns about drones was whether or not you could see cracked shingles. Many times I look with binoculars and the roof looks fine then when you get up there cracks everywhere.

Chuck…just so you know you’ve caused me to look at drones till my yes are hurting.
I want one!!

I was going to wait until the FAA got things sorted out, but I came home one day and my wife had it sitting on my desk - I married well!

That’s so cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

FAA is just like the rest of the government: SLOW and INEFFICIENT. I believe that as long as one does NOT do stupid things with their Drone, Home Inspectors flying them to take videos / stills of roofs are WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY down the line of concerns. Yes I have one and Yes I fly it on roofs I can’t walk.

Saw one the other day that has a regular camera / video and a IR … this is great technology and will only get better.

There unfortunately will always be stupid people in the world that do stupid things. Just my two cents