What is everyone’s thoughts on using drones during inspection services and those that are already using this technology what drone is best for what we do? Which one provides the best pictures and which one would you recommend for easy to fly without crashing them into a side of a home :slight_smile:

Google “Drones Internachi” You may find what you need.


You probably already know, but your first move is to check into the FAA Part 107 to be able to legally use the drone commercially. This test is not a joke - don’t think that you can just go in and use your common sense to pass. You have to be able to read aeronautical charts.

That being said, I have the DJI Phantom 3 Standard. It is a great drone that is very stable and I can get some great shots and video with it. I do like it, but I’ve now got my eye on the DJI Mavic Pro. Check out videos on Youtube.

The FAA part 107 needs to be done before commercial use inspections, with that said you may buy a drone and us it personally to get used to flying it. Please contact your home owners insurance, as virtually EVERY home owners insurance policy excludes aircraft claims which UAV are considered. You would hate to crash one into your neighbor’s car and find out you owe him $5,000 cash to get it fixed because it’s not covered. Most home owners are adapting coverage’s due to this increase in use of personal drones. Once you are ready to fly commercial I have the Best drone insurance coverage in the country and the application is completely online.


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Hi David,
Do you have a recommendation for a course that will provide the knowledge needed to pass the FAA part 107?

After studying the info the FAA put online about part 107 and then failing the first exam, I then took this course and passed.

I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get their UAS license.

I use the Mavic. It is actually easier to fly than the Phantom 3 I own. Great pictures and video. I don’t use it commercially, but m hobby is taking pictures of houses I am at. Just for fun.