What are the best drones for home inspections

Hello my name is Shawn and as a new member of InterNACHI I was wondering what would be a good drone to invest in when doing roof inspections and what are the requirements by law in operating one

A lot of inspectors like the Mavic series drones.

I haven’t used a drone, so I am not familiar with all the laws.

I think there is a class that you can take to familiarize you with the usage and such of drones used commercially, Shawn.


You must get a remote pilot license from the FAA to fly a drone commercially.
you can find all the info you need at

The mavic mini I have is fairly good. It’s cheap and portable enough. One thing I don’t like is that I have to remove my phone case in order to mount my phone to the controller. Even then, the phone doesn’t mount well. The controller is just not designed well for today’s larger phones. Not sure if tey improved on this with the new mini 2. The other negative is that every time I get it out, it seems like it wants to be calibrated, or has gps issues, or “connection” issues. Sometimes it will not let you launch until these are addressed.

Buy American. I don’t but when I do I’m going with skydio.

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Thanks for the info

Thanks for the info !!

I have a mavic 2 pro and with a 20mp camera it’s easy to zoom when cropping pictures without losing quality. But I would suggest one with an actual zoom feature like the autel evo, mavic 2 zoom and parrot anafi. Im sure there are others as well. Obstacle avoidance is a huge plus too while flying close to homes.