DRONES and the FAA Part 107 Exam

Hi - I am a new inspector here at InterNACHI - have never owned or flown a drone - and decided to dive into learning a little about having a drone available in my arsenal for roof imaging capabilities when “walking the roof” is not a safe option. It just seemed to make sense.
First I decided to go through InterNACHI’s DRONE Pilot Training. While I learned a great deal about drones and FAA Part 107 Requirements - I just felt like I needed some additional support in preparing for the exam as I did not want to waste the exam fee of $160.00 (Yes, it went up).
Next I researched several on-line “drone schools” for about two weeks before I opted to go with “Drone Pilot Ground School.” Let me tell you, that was quite simply the smartest decision I ever made. I gave myself two weeks - went through their course and never felt so prepared to sit for an exam in my life. Thirty six minutes after it started I finished and scored a 93. Seriously, if you are thinking about preparing for the FAA Part 107 Exam - you really to check these folks out.
Next I did a significant amount of research on drones - especially their imaging capabilities and after all my research decided to go with the Mavic 2 Zoom. Waiting for my FAA Certification to arrive and practicing with the drone in the mean time. I love the programmable features on the Mavic 2 Zoom - especially the zoom function for close up imaging. Just wanted to share my “Drone” experience to date.

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Hi Clyde,

That will help many potential drone pilots make a decision. Thank you.

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Hi - just trying to share! Thanks!

You don’t need to pay for any classes. I have showed a many how to pass the test with a few YouTube videos…

Hi - I did the You Tube stuff too - but I still felt like I needed additional support and resources. Like I said - you don’t have to do what I did - I did what I was felt was best for me - pleased with the results!