Dry Ice blasting

Got a remediation company talking about dry ice blasting, anyone seen it done?

I went to a presentation a few years back.

Looked very effective.

Remediation companies use other media for blasting. I’ve got a friend who owns a remediation company that has used sponges for blasting. We used different blast methods for asbestos abatement.

Mike Holmes used it on one of his projects once, pretty cool.:smiley: sorry just could not help myself.

Works well !!

You can’t blast asbestos. It is illegal.

I used to do Dry Ice blasting a few years back. It can be very effective in most situations. The beauty of it is there is no mess except what you are removing. If it’ll freeze, it’ll come off the substrate. The down side is $$$.

Not illegal if it’s wet.:wink:

Thanks, It looks like it is effective and a little cleaner operation, than the baking soda I’ve seen.

Yeah but does it matter if it is cleaner when they are removing all the drywall to do this.?

What kind of machine is it , as I can not imagine what type of compressor that would be?

The training I took here in WA stated that it is not permitted, at least here.

Dry ice blasting is very effective on many types of remediation (smoke, mold, etc.) Dry ice blasting is unique in the fact that it usually does not damage the surface being blasted. On top of that, dry ice blasting usually takes out over 99% of mold during mold remediation. It is very powerful and can be a very lucrative business.