dryer 240 burnt plug

Hello guys
With this picture of a dryer plug with burn marks around what
is the cause of this?

plug 18x18.JPG

plug 18x18.JPG

plug att340x240.JPG

plug 18x18.JPG

It could be one of many different senarios that could cause this plug to melt.

My guess…

Undersized wiring for this particular circuit?

My guess…
weak receptacle (weak holding strength…I see this a lot on cheap 15amp 120v general purpose outlets in the house)


loose connections at the receptacle will cause that also. I’ve seen it a lot on one pin, your’s is the first I’ve seen on both.

Brian and N5 are right.

The plug is shot.

Current flowing through the bad connection is heating the prongs which is melting the plug.

Client show you that or did you unplug it for other reasons?

My house . I just happen to unplug it to clean around the dryer and
check for any clogged lint in the hose and saw this . I dont know how long
this has been like this but the house is 18 yrs old. Should i relace the plug
and check for any loose connections ?

I agree…more often than not it was probably just poor connection at the contact areas…causiing arcing and heating.

If you were asking what I would do…I would replace the receptacle plug as well as the cord to the dryer…But thats me…:slight_smile:

However…someone made a good point…make sure the wire to the dryer plug is most certainly 10 AWG wire…atleast…:slight_smile:

Thanks guys

I agree with Paul A. You should definitely replace both the cord and the recep.

Until I blew the photo up, I thought that it might be corrosion caused by moisture, but on closer examination, you can see the melted plastic near the phase blades, and of course there is no damage to the ground pin. Odd that it occurred at both blades. I think I will run downstairs and check mine.


What size wire is feeding the dryer circuit?

Most certainly while you are doing all the checking…do as Mr. Valley stated…check the wiring…also while you are changing the PLUG…take a GANDER at the insullation on the conductors as well…just to ensure they are fine and no discoloration has occured and so on…

Changing the plug won’t fix anything, this is a bad receptacle that is burning up the plug. I bet it looks like the one Joe T posted the other day

I think Paul hit it.

I would agree that the problem is more in the recptacle and should be replaced…and check the wiring to the recptacle, as well.
However, I don’t think I would trust that plug **or **cable and replace that also.

But then, what do I know? I’m just an old fart waiting for Godot.

Good lord, am I taking issue with Greg Fretwell?? He and Bob B are my heroes…oh, dear…

Certainly replace the wall receptacle and cord/plug for this dryer. You may also want to check (or have a licensed professional) check the dryer out.
It may be drawing more amperage than normal. Old motor, restricted drum, worn bearings or drum guides. Just a thought.

And a very good though it is…

Since that is basically the same plug/receptacle used on 50a stoves, I doubt it was overloaded. (the plug cap generally comes with both style ground pins).