Dryer Receptacle

Couldn’t figure out what where the burning smell was coming from… went to the laundry room and located the culprit.

Dryer receptacle was reading 225 while the breaker was 56; turned off breaker and simply rerouted the lead wire and readings settled to around 120. Still not sure what actually was going on… the dryer vent was free and clear and the dryer is fairly new.

Dryer cord 008.jpg

Has to be a loose connection, probably poor tension on the receptacle somewhere or a loose wire at the back.

I fixed the loose receptacle however upon checking the wires they were tight as a drum.
I went ahead and called my electrician who will come check it out Monday.
I am still getting readings of 230 plus…but only on one side of the receptacle and plug.

I absolutely hate electricity… I have had my share of shocks which have taught me to respect it better. lol

On each hot side of the 240 volt circuit, you should be getting 115 (or so) to 120 volts between hot and neutral or ground. Is the above highlighted correct?

It is most likely where the plug connects to the receptical.

Pull the plug and scan it.

Take the outlet cover off and scan it.

I can’t make out anything on the scan you posted.

Keep those numbers out of the way also.

I believe he is talking degrees not voltage, Brian.

I agree with David Andersen’s post.

So correct…Still too early after New Years to try to think deeply!!

And… I did an inspection ysterday PM. Perhaps should go back and check it over again.

the focus is off on the radiometric, do you have other pics that show the outlet and plug better.
What ir cam did you shoot the picture with.

I put your image in my program. The image is out of focus. It will help you if you set up your photos with the camera in an Inverted Gray. Take a few images in that then if you want make your changes.



I have seen brand new double pole breakers bad more than a few times. A swap is quick, inexpensive. Temps are always different on circiuts showing different colors normal.


I think its the receptacle… the chord nor the conduit is hot… only at the plug receptacle connection. Sorry for the picture… I was screwing around with different palettes.