I have a heatdish that is used quit frequently . I unplugged from
the wall the other day and the plug had burnt marks around it
and it was very warm . what causes the burnt marks on the heatdish

usually a poor connection such as a loose receptacle or where the conductors fasten to the blades of the plug.

I agree with Brian…if the marks are actually on the metal plug ends of the dishheater…look at the receptacle itself…could be poor tention on the GRASP points of the receptacle…think about replacing that receptacle first and see if it solves your problem.

However if you notice the plug on the heater is melted near the cord set…then might be in the heater plug itself…but chances are just a poor connection in the receptacle as the gaps wear out over time.

A lot of people like to pull the plug on appliances while they’re still operating. You’re basically cutting the power off while the appliance is drawing current. Not a good thing for the appliance or the outlet. End result is sparks and surprised wifes.


I HATE radiant portable heaters. I’ve seen too many people turned homeless because of them.

Just saying…