Dryer Vent Exhaust Vent/Rodent protection

Hello! I’m a first time home buyer and my inspector found the dryer exhaust vent on the roof with a what looked like a rodent screen/bird attached on both sides of the vent on the outside of the vent/shield. The other screens were on bathroom exhaust t vents, but attached directly over the exhaust pipe and not on the outside. The openings were about a quarter inch.

I’ve attached the picture below. Is this a big no no? The inspector didn’t seem concerned as it wasn’t directly covering the vent, but I wasn’t sure if this was going to create a lint buildup overtime.

Thanks so much!!! Amanda

Lint will eventually clog the mesh and require maintenance.

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Thanks, Scott and, for your quick response. Is that maintenance involve climbing up on the roof every few months to check on the buildup and blow out? Would it be easier to just remove the attached screen?

The mesh was most likely put there for a reason, most likely to keep rodents out, you may want to find a better solution.

I suspect a large national pest control company was called for a rodent problem.
These “technicians” are really salesman that are trained to go whole hog,
meaning besides rodent control, lemme charge you a million dollars to “build them out” for the future. The screening of vents was part of that.
Now the customer feels all nice & cozy, the rep makes a good commission.


Thanks, Mark, I understand that… Just trying to make a couple bucks. Would you recommend these be removed then? The house backs up to a desert wash, so there are potential rodent/bird issues. I just wasn’t sure about the one over the dryer vent.

Amanda, I would just narrate that the wire mesh on the dryer vent termination is a potential fire hazard, with lint building up, and recommend that it be removed by a qualified professional

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Thanks Larry! There are screens on the exhaust vents as well for the bathrooms. Are those not a concern?

Larry, The OP is a homeowner, not an inspector she is asking for advice on her dryer vent.

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The bath vent terminations are probably good to keep the birds, etc. out. and because the don’t produce lint.

Thanks, Scott…if she doesn’t understand taking off the wire mesh off so lint won’t get caught there and plug the termination of the dryer, she can ask me for clarification, eh?

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Amanda, I am not saying that this is the right way to go but you could see if it is posable to have a interior lint trap installed.
download (6)

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I understood based off the big words of potential fire hazard in the faux write up along with the recommended removal to have it removed :slight_smile: I appreciate all your help with this concern. Thanks again!

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I noticed that no one mentioned there should be a damper.

Is this a metal roof? I asked because there is no mud/mortar packing the roof ridge barrel tiles.

First off. It would be hard to determine what that vent is for in the first place unless the inspector mounted and traversed the roof with the dryer on and then off.

Secondly. If it was for a dryer, and I am not saying it is, I would expect to find ‘lint on the screen,’ and by appearance there is not lint on the screen in the OP pic.

The ideal thing to do would be to have a licensed professional venting installation and service contractor analyses what the vent termination is for. If it is indeed for a dryer, remove the site manufacture weather cap and replace it with an manufactured dryer vent for roof terminations.

Just my 2 cents.