Dryer vent material

Home was built in the 50’s.

What type of material is in the photo and do you think it is combustable.

(Dryer vent)

Looks like it could clog.

124508 048 (Small).jpg

Never saw that before and wonder what it was intended for?

If it has a spring or wire inside it will clog.

You also have no idea what the temp rating is.

This was a 1st for me and I had the same concerns.

It appears to be a flexible connector between the dryer and the rigid metal duct, meant to keep vibrations from the dryer from being transmitted to the duct and hence to wahtever the duct is anchored to.

Whether it is meant to withstand the temperatures and whether it will allow passage of dryer lint without clogging are good questions, that only its manufacturer can answer.

The material kinda looks like the old abestos board they used in old furnaces and ductwork. Oh well, at least it is venting outside.

It looks like it could be asbestos.

when it doubt-call out.

Looks an aweful lot like the welder’s fume extraction hose. That stuff sure doesn’t burn.

Maybe is just a bad done fix that someone did! I recommend anyway to call a plumber an ask him!