PVC vent for clothes dryer

What is your opinion of a PVC vent for a clothes dryer. This is first time that I have seen this. The large PVC pipe in the photo is the dryer vent.

Thanks! For your input in advance.

PVC Ducting
While PVC tubing looks like it would be ideal for dryer venting being rigid and perfectly smooth, numerous technicians report that some sort of static effect seems to take place during use which causes lint to adhere to it, eventually leading to blockages. It may be best to avoid this material for this application if you can use rigid metal ducting instead.


My .02 cents.

I dont see a problem with the PVC itself, however, it is 3" not 4" like most dryer vents. Thats allot of tape to make the two fit.

Dang your fast Larry.

“IRC M1502.5 Duct construction. Exhaust ducts shall be constructed
of minimum 0.016-inch-thick (0.4 mm) rigid metal
ducts, having smooth interior surfaces with joints running in
the direction of air flow. Exhaust ducts shall not be connected
with sheet-metal screws or fastening means which extend into
the duct.”

If you want a real life example,think about this one.
Have you ever seen a Furnace use cat 40 other than cat 4 high efficiency model?

Now ask your self why.

You then have your answer. Make sense?

I don’t understand Bob. Would you mind expanding on what you’re trying to say?

Plastic is not made for that kind of heat Jeff.
It may not burn ,but it goes soft and causes blockage.

You could have tried an answer.
Question with a question darn you :slight_smile:

I stand corrected.

Ty Bob

I was checking out a ICC forum a little while ago and some feel it is ok undera slab, but if the temp is high enough it can turn to a highly pliable plastic state and collapse.

Lint stops blowing through , backs up and then the lint turns into a fire hazard.

Of course the easy button says ,it is against code.

Besides the fact, that using PVC pipe for Dryer Exhausts is against all Standards and Specifications, let us not forget that Code that prevails in this matter.; The Manufacturers Recommended Installations.

Hope this helps.

Marcel :):smiley:

There is alot information on the NET about this subject.

Thanks! for all the replys. I always learn something on this board.

I guess you cant get much more clearer than that photo.