Dryer venting

Could someone post the links pertaining to dryer venting. I know Jae & RR posted some but the links I copied are no longer active.

The dryer vent today terminated on the roof. The dryer area was located in the middle of the home.

I noted the flex material. The dryer vent in the picture is the one with the cap next to the plumbing stack.


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It’s legal for it to terminate on the roof (although unsightly) and the flex ducting is okay within the room the dryer is in (solid 4in duct within the walls to the termination at the roof)

and no, these aren’t the links you asked for: I’m certain someone will be along shortly though…:mrgreen:

This thread has good info…

Most dryer manufacturer’s and some codes limit the dryer vent pipe length to 25’. Check installation instructions for specifics.

…and deduct 5’ for each 90 and 2.5’ for each 45 from that length.

IRC [1501.1,2437.3] Dryer must vent to the exterior in a backdraft damper with NO screens.

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Definitely, because Jerry Peck found one that allowed 50’ for its dryers. The purpose of the limit is because the dryer blower motor must be able to blow moist air and lint out. If it’s not strong enough, then lint builds up in the vent pipe, possibly causing the dryer to overheat and resulting in dryer or flue fires.

I don’t believe he found anything that approved long corrugated or long plastic runs. All needed to be smooth metal.



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Good link Jae, and was nice to see how important it is to follow Manufacturers recommendations based on all the differences of Manufacture types.


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