Hello Internachi members.

I have a question about dryer vents going through a wall and terminating in the utility room next door.

Is that legal?
I’ll try to upload the picture.


Well, I cannot upload a picture. But just imagine the dryer vent terminating in the next room.

No can do. The dryer vent must terminate at the Exterior of the building.


Thank you Gentlemen, well I finally am able to upload it from my laptop.
Smartphone could not upload picture.
Here it is.

I was asked to inspect a brand new Head Start building and found this. I have not started my report yet because I wanted to do more research. I will continue to follow up on it, thank you.

where is the alleged dryer duct? i only see metallic pipe

this is commercial?

what is the fire resistance requirement for that room?

numerous unsealed penetrations & incomplete fire tape & bed

isn’t backflow protection required for the sprinkler pipe?

if fire sprinkler prolly wrong material?

there is prolly more that i’m missing…

also insulation appears incomplete
90.1-2010 (90.1-10) and the 2012
International Energy Conservation Code
(IECC) requires any piping associated
with a heating or cooling system
that carries fluids with an operating
temperature of 105 °F or more or 60 °F
or less to be insulated; 90.1-10 further
specifies that the piping associated with
constant temperature water storage
systems must also be insulated (see
“Code Citations” for additional detail).

That does not look like a dryer duct to me. It looks more like a combustion air duct.

A six inch duct would be to large for a dryer vent. Like Barry said, there are other issues I hope you caught in your picture.