Drytrak basement drainage system

Inspected a basement with Drytrak drainage system and wanted to know if anyone has any opinions about its effectiveness. The foundation walls had a significant bow to them. Dont know how to write this one up.

The basement walls bowed “x” amount in “these” areas. A qualified structural engineer, or a basement masonry contractor that uses a structural engineer, should be consulted to gain repair pricing that will correct and maintain the structural integrity of the foundation walls.

Also, it appears that some drainage type of system was installed on the interior of the basement. This inspector has no knowledge of it’s use or integrity but is of the opinion that to stop water from entering the basement, one must commence on the exterior to have a lasting effect.

Recommend asking the owner for the warranty paper work.

All of these recommendations should be done before your inspection contingency ends so you will have the information needed to make an intelligent decision to purchase, or not. :smiley:

Deal killer!:mrgreen: