Basement Interior Wall Waterproofing

I saw this on a $1/2 mil. renovation in Will Decker’s neighboorhood. Basement walls are fitted with a moisture barrier and drainage system on interior.

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P6030017 (Small).JPG

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hmmm…I’m glad that’s not my house Linas…jim

That $1/2 mil project needs more 6 mil plastic! :stuck_out_tongue:
I imagine they will be putting a wood frame up next against that cold concrete. There are some builders now recommending plastic on the outside of the framing up to grade level, and a full vapor barrier on the inside. The idea was that moisture can get out at the top above grade. Somehow. :stuck_out_tongue: This must be the next generation.

John Kogel

People have water intrusion problems and they resort to this interior system because it is cheaper and easier. But you never stopped the water intrusion you just redirected it once it gets inside, so it is still passing through the concrete or block wall deteriorating it over the years depending on how severe the intrusion is. I truly believe water issues need to be corrected from the outside. That is just my opinion.

Mine also!

I did a phased construction inspection for the buyer on a new construction, consulting. I recommended rubber membrane weatherproofing instead of what the foundation contractor was offereing (damp proofing. The soil was clay and had a high water table.). The buyer did not want to pay for the extra cost.

And, of course, they had the basement finished right away (I always recommend waitying a few years until the settling is done and any crakcs that form are injected).

Sure enough, got a call about 10 months later. “BASEMENT IS FLOODING (actually, only some seepage in one small area) AND I’M GOING TO SUE YOU!”.

I just pointed to the Phased Construction report and reminded him that I recommended waterproofing and that the basement drywall not rest directly on the slab and that the carpet be installed over Dricor, and not on the slab and all my other recommendations they he didn’t want to pay for.

Then I told him, you got exactly what you didn’t pay for. Enjoy!

BTW: Nothing every came of the suit. My lawyer simply informed him that if he decided not to follow my recomendations, then the fault (and liability) was his.

Some people won’t do best practices, even if you hit them over the head with them.

Go figure.

This type of system is also used for crawl space encapsulation using a 14 0r 20 mil liner like that of a swimming pool.


We have a lot of this in Ohio- When I was an AHJ, we pushed hard and passed an ordinance forbidding contractors from pulling “foundation water proofing” permits for this application. They countered and we created a new category called “basement water control”. Of course, I don’t care for the system. Whats worse is, Ohio State Waterproofing sells the plastic paneling as an extra. Thing is, they say that cant guarantee the walls are dry unless you pay extra and cover the walls with waterproof, opaque paneling

Thanks for pic`s Linas :mrgreen:
Cheap-azz Inside crap… they most often charge more money than exterior.

Ditto Mr Decker…some HO`s just do not listen to those of us trying to help them. SUE? lolol If any ever talk shtt, sue them for slander. Its them, their builder/whoever that is incompetent