Dryvit Systems Question

Anyone have any info on Dryvit exterior sheathing/insulation. How would I go about finding a person to inspect it? I understand they have had some problems in the past. Any thoughts?

Quiet out there tonite. Has anyone even ever heard of Dryvit?

Yes, the problem with product was not so much the product but inability for residential contractors to properly oversee the installation of the product… unfortunately most GC’s do not hardly oversee anything they build, they mostly rely on the local building inspector to catch their subcontractor’s mistakes.
(As also a GC I see this mess all the time…and quite frankly its kept HI’s in business by inspecting many of the shoddy homes and workmanship throughout the US).

As to your question about finding someone to inspect, simply look through the Nachi membership first of which you need to find out their background with this product (especially understanding water management issues), tools they use and just how detail they go in inspecting the product.

The client needs to understand that to be thorough on some aspects of the home that an the inspection may need to be intrusive otherwise defer to a specialist or preferably the manufacturer.

Finally let me say that its not just Dryvit systems… when you are talking about exterior veneer failure you are primarily dealing with one issue…that is installation.

Hope that helps.


Larry, Dryvit and Sto are the two most used in this area.

I copied some links from my links page if it helps.

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Thanks everyone. I appreciate your help.

EDI has inspectors in Nashville area for EIFS inspections; go to their website and look up inspectors. http://www.exterior-design-inst.com/