I am a NACHI member and don’t know why the boards show me as a non member

There is no reason you can not add EFIS Inspections to your list of offered services. Dryvit offers details online of the things to look for and how to properly inspect EFIS. All manufactures follow the same installation procedures. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I have yet to see an installer that follows these required guidelines. On of the biggest mistakes that is very visible is the missing back wrap and 1/2" Sealant joint at all penetrations. This leads to water leaking around the window. You will also see cracks running off of the window area. I live in a dry area, Utah, and we even see problems of wood rot from moisture here. :shock:

If you have EFIS or what is sometimes referred to as single coat stucco with a cloth mess, or synthetic stucco. You really need to take time to learn about it. You are doing your client a great disservice if you don’t bring up the problems related to this product.

The tools to inspect it are a little costly but you can make the cost of them back with a view of these inspection.

I might mention new contractors will really dislike you when it comes to EFIS inspections. They have all been installing incorrectly for years. The problem comes when the product fails and the home owners warranty won’t cover it and the manufacture won’t cover it because it was not installed properly. There have been many class action law suites nation and world wide with this product.:mrgreen:

I am a NACHI member and don’t know why the boards show me as a non member
Send me $4:00 US or $5:00 Canadian and I will get it fixed for you Right away .
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You W#@%e I thought we agreed on $400 US $500 Canadian.
Are you trying to give NACHI a Bad Name?

I am sure these were typos. Just a suggestion, be sure to use the correct acronym spelling when you write your EIFS report. Call it “eeefs” not “eeefiss” and you will make less typos.

Also, try going to the EIMA website for Standards. http://www.eima.com/

any other good web sites on how to tell if it was installed correctly?


Try these





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