Drywall and Moisture

I am wondering what is the prudent way to deal with moisture meter evidence in walls. I am often coming across areas, especially in the basement with 10% or so moisture content on the below grade portion of the exterior walls with 0% on the above above grade or interior walls. Is this level of moisture worth mentioning or should there be 0% moisture period? There could be several reasons for the moisture, but at what point is it really an issue? I certainly don’t want to be calling something out and opening up a can of worms if it’s not an issue. I have read so many conflicting opinions on the matter :frowning:

What you are seeing is perfectly normal. When it reaches over 20% in this above vs below grade situation you can start being a little suspicious. 100% alarms should ring. Dont just rely on moisture meter, push on the wall. Ie. Is it soft?
Also be aware that readings are dependent on type of meter, settings its on sometimes, relative humidity and dew point.

I agree but if you do suspect something don’t push to hard on a wall. Happened to me, I pushed and very gingerly at that and the wall crumbled, oops:shock:

I can see the situation being normal if the condition was maybe found all throughout the basement, but what if there is moisture indicated at say <10% within a foot or two space and 0% on adjacent areas on the wall? A possible moisture intrusion location? Any indication of localized moisture a reportable issue?

If you see a 0% moisture reading on your meter there is something wrong with your meter. All wood and drywall have a readable moisture content and it will vary between different areas of the structure. What kind of moisture meter are you using. 7% to 10% moisture content for dry wall is normal moisture direct from the factory