Drywall question

No insulation behind the drywall joint . cold draft on back side of drywall,warm air on in side, condensation will lift the tape.

Is this the same home with the diagonal crack at the door way?
The reason I am asking, the popcorn textured ceiling is very similar.

If it is, this symptom, tape failure at wall ceiling intersection, could be in direct correlation with the diagonal drywall crack. If so, one more reason to refer a SE.

If not, could be drying out plaster, normal expansion and contraction leading to tape failure. If so. Refer a dry wall repair contractor. Minor defect. Typical maintenance item.

Yes it is Robert. What is an SE?

Structural Engineer.
Don’t hesitate to call out SE when required.
Typically/Usually/Normally ><$500.00 for a structural evaluation.

Seen it many times it is a moisture problem (Condensation) as i said earlier. From the pic it is obvious that it is drywall not plaster.

My Mistake. Tape joint compound. Ops.
I used plaster of Paris to make hot mud. Glazed walls as well.
Not saying it isn’t but, Moisture would leave staining.

I use the duraspin as well but I have only done one house. It seems like the screws are a little more expensive using the duraspin though? They are almost 15 bucks a bucket at home depot here and that is the only place that sells them. I had the battery powered one for about a day until it fell off the ladder and started making some noises. The ac model is a lot faster though that is for sure. The thing is that I have never seen anyone else use them besides me and my buddy.

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That’s all over Florida. Seam tape fail.

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Date of building please.

Observation: Seam/tape failure at the ceiling - wall intersection. Popcorn ceiling/ stipple ceiling finish.
*Note: Prior the 1980’s vermiculite was used as a texture ingredient during stipple finishing. Recommends having the surface tested by a professional for asbestos if the home was erected prior the early 1980’s.
Referrer to a licensed plaster contactor.
Refer any recommendations provided.