Drywall question

How would you write about this in your report?

Cracks in drywalled ceiling along ____________wall at ___________(location) possibly due to truss uplift. Recommend qualified contractor make necessary corrections, as needed, to remedy the defect…or, some such.

Thank you. In your opinion, if this drywall were repaired would it be likely to just come back due to movement?

IMO, yes, and very likely with vaulted ceilings.

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Yeah, probably truss uplift:

and fixes:

That looks like a poor taping job to me and the paper tape has come loose.


That’s why I made this post. I didn’t know if it was as simple as that or something more serious. After the different comments I’m still not sure lol.

What floor of the house is this?

And where are you located?
( Why don’t most questions posted here have some basic information ?)

Picture from further back would help.
I don’t think that is truss uplift.
Something else going on there, but can’t tell with this small area.

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It does look like loose tape joint, now that you mention it, Christopher. And a pic from further back would help, Marcel.

Location is central FL. And this a single story home and this is an exterior wall.

Probably a loose drywall tape job, then…like Christopher surmised.

That would be uncommon for a sliver of drywall like that near a wall since the ceiling drywall usually goes up on the ceiling before the walls. But I guess anything is possible.

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We were referring to the tape, my friend.

We have an epidemic of poor drywall workmanship in this area. Typically they use as few coats of mud as possible, and finish it with just enough effort to keep it on the ceiling for a few years.
I’m surprised when I don’t see joint tape peeling,


I know you were, I am just pointing out that any drywall contractor would not install a sliver of drywall that close to the wall like that. The wall board supports the ceiling drywall typically for the first few inches.

Oh, I was seeing the pic from the OP as simply loose tape.

I get your view, now.

Agree! …

Straight line, looks like taping issue