Drywall Termites

You are what you eat.:smiley:

8305 W Park View Ct  10-06-09 044.JPG

8305 W Park View Ct  10-06-09 044.JPG

8305 W Park View Ct  10-06-09 048.JPG

Never heard of drywall termites. Only drywood, subterranean, dampwood, and Formosan.

They love the taste of the paper. See them under the drywall all the time.

Was it Chinese drywall???:stuck_out_tongue:

Check out the pics on my web site www.metrospeckc.com; I see the trails in drywall also on occasion; check walls throughly with a powerfull flashlight at a flat angle to the wall; the shadow always knows.

From this mornings inspection.





That’s awesome!

I found termites in the drywall again today.

They are everywhere Buck:D

I think there is a link some where telling about this stuff. I would like to know more about it too.


Do a search or just Google Chinese drywall. You will have more information than you can possibly read


Now insurance companies are dropping policies on homes with Chinese drywall.

OK…back on topic.

Here is some dry wood termite evidence.



Look like the little buggers ate their fill and puked everywhere. LOL

I think he is talking about the frass.

That’s a sloppy attempt at applying a spray foam insulation.