Duct Clearance to Combustibles

Hi there.
Just wondering on these 2 areas about clearance to combustibles.
One is the furnace exhaust pipe going to the outside right through the insulation. The other is the furnace heating duct going to the upstairs main floor through the wood framing.
Looking for your feedback.


They look fine to me.

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Thanks Martin

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If this is a heating duct, everything is fine. Those high efficiency furnaces take so much heat out of the fuel that the hardly get warm, Max.


Thanks Larry, that makes sense. Learning something new every day.
All the best

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As has been said already, non issue, with clearance.
Myself, I like to be sure holes have fireblocking material. Fiberglass IMO is acceptable.

May I ask what is the purpose of the plastic in this application?
I note the use of tuck tape,which is wonderful, though non-continuous.

Looks like insulated exterior wall with plastic vapor barrier