Furnace flue / insulation

Does anyone have any narratives to describe this condition, insulation against the furnace flue?

Thank you! in advance for your input.

Looks like vermin were at work to me.

Why do say that?

I have a boiler plate in HIP

The furnace flue pipe does not have the required 1 inch clearance to combustibles for class B double wall vent pipe as required by the MFG.

It looks like loose fill fiberglass. Do you consider that combustible?

Fiberglass is not combustible. I wouldn’t say anything. There is no hazard. If it was cellulose, that would be different.

Wait…I can here the typing of someone saying it creates “hot spots”. Perhaps, but the rule doesn’t say anything about prevention of hot spots. It says “clearance to combustible materials”.

How will you defend yourself and on what grounds if the builder or owner calls you on it?

No I did not state that fiberglass was combustible I just gave my standard boiler plate for any thing that is combustible one has to make their own determination as to what is combustible and what is not:D:D:D

There is a scientific definition for “combustible” and I’m pretty sure fiberglass doesn’t meet that definition. You can’t make up your own meaning to words.

I did not make up anything I did not say fiberglass was combustible. I use my Boiler plate when the clearance is combustible how else can I say it???

No Steak dinner for you:D

I agrre with Charley maintain 1 inch clearance. I don’t consider fiberglas combustible myself but i don’t make the rules. This is what I found about combustible materials abbreviated.

The glass-fibre insulation is also classified as combustible. Although there was no flaming in the last 14.5 minutes of the test and the mass loss was only 7%, the temperature rise of 70 °C exceeded the permitted value by a slight margin. It was the resins (binders) employed in this particular product which caused it to fail the test. There may be formulations of glass-fibre insulation which could pass this test.

http://irc.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/pubs/bsi/87-2_e.html (sorry, Canadian eh)