duct in slab is wet

Did a small duplex townhouse and found water in the clay tile ducting.

Should this be sealed off as a chronic problem and rerouted overhead?

Is there a better solution?

Patio outside is sunken and may be part of the problem , though there are other points of water intrusion.



By your video I can sure tell you’re not from Texas y’all talk weird :wink:

After a expert opinion (on the situation) I was going to ask if the video could be seen.

Last minute experiment as I take these videos for myself , and did not even think of posting it today while inspecting. I know it is weird but spontanous.

Barry I would think you run into this problem in Texas alot, we usually have basements.
Any suggestions as I put up the video to give a more 3 d view point.

My accent is Canadian, according to most.

Ducts in/under slabs went out very quickly after one of our famous turd-floater rainfalls. Early to mid 60s from the ones I’ve seen.

The ones I still run into all have been or have to be retrofitted at fairly steep expense.

Come to think of it all I’ve done had so many other problems associated with all of the latent moisture conditions none of the clients purchased…moved on to better pastures. We do a lot of AC here so they seldom had any time to dryout.

In fact I posted the last one I did about a year or longer with all of the ceiling and wall vents just literally dripping condensation and the floor ducts with 2-3" of standing water…and this system had a continuous under slab sump to try and relieve all the running water, wasn’t happening during the over 6 hour inspection.

I couldn’t believe they were even trying to sell it in that condition…about like yours from what you showed…

Good luck with yours

Thanks, but I wonder what people do when they buy them , as selling is not my pay grade.:slight_smile:

Bob we have tons of slabs here all with duct embedded and when we find water standing the normal process is to fill the registers and plenum with concrete and run everything overhead. Sometimes the water can be stopped with french drains and or creative landscaping but usually not. Had a 05 house yesterday with water in the ducts French drains had been installed after the water was found we will see if it stopped the problem.

Thanks charlie.

Do they fill the whole thing, or just enough to seal ?

I think that sounds like a good idea ,since this is a small space.

Furnace and return is on the wall behind me in the pics.

The place two doors down was getting an outside catch basin and sump with check backflow prevention dug into their patio while I was there.

Just enough to seal it

I will be sure to use that info in my report.
Thank you for the help.

Bob, do you tell all your clients the method of repairing defects?

Brian is that a real question or a lecture opening.

Put it this way.

It is a foreclosure.

There are issues , that need to be addressed.

Yes sometimes you give repair options to the client in due dillagence.

(excuse the spelling as my spell check is off on Chrome.)

If a roof has missing shingles I hope nobody is scared to say replace them as a repair option.
Do I defer to Licensed personal (of course).But I do not hide behind SOP and disclaim everything as I hide shaking under a table.

I do everything I can to help my clients , and my business growth shows it.
Stay honest and give the best advise you would give your Grand ma.
Thats my secret and do not mind sharing it.

If a piece of wall paper is loose I do not type in a box that says (seek advise of professional wall paper hanger.Just not in my nature.

I may have started out that way, but I like referrals and get them.
Clients know when you really care .I am paid to give my opinion and do that as best I can.

I hope you are with me .

Just a question Bob. I myself would not venture a guess as what to do with inslab ducts besides defer it to a local HVAC contractor.

A lecture, I might need to tone it down a bit.

I think you are right to suggest a repair in this case, sealing off of ducts, that’s feasible. Gives the client an option, and sounds better than, “This shack’s got problems.” I’ll bet there is a perimeter drain problem as well as leakage from above. General neglect, as depicted in the video, and yeah, you could pass for a Canuck. :cool:


I am a few generations removed. Elliott Paints Ay.

On the serious side , I see this could be a problem , as the client has a young child and there are other water issues as stated.

Here is what was going on a few doors down.

I may have felt defensive Brian (no harm intended).I just have strong feelings about the direction I take.