E and O insurance.

Where can I get a low rate on E and O insurance. I am just starting out and don’t have any yet.

Good rates, great backup if needed.

Thank you, does everyone get E & O that does inspections, I get worried of people wanting to sue.

Only the smart ones

Marc suggests:

I agree.


Give me a call Direct if you have any questions. I can also be reached via email wcolton@citadelus.com

CLICK HERE to complete the application and you will get a quote from me very quickly.


I shopped around and Will Colton at Citadel is the person to go with.

Ditto that

I shopped around a lot and citadel was the only company that provided the coverage for which I was looking. Ryan Osborn is my contact.
E&O isn’t cheap but I believe well worth it.

Feel free to give me a call. I’m very competitive, but price should not be your biggest concern. What you are covered for is and what is reasonable for you to have.