E & O AND General Liability Insurance

Are there any agents in Alberta that sell insurance to NACHI members?

Vern, most people I know, that have E&O Insurance, are using FREA, if they are in the US, Towers Perrin is the insurance provider that NACHI refers people to.

General Liability Insurance.

Are there any agents in Ontario that provide General Liability Ins. without
E&O coverage? If so who? What about E&O coverage?

It seems that Liability and E&O are hard to find anywhere in Canada. I’m in PEI, and am having difficulty getting covered (looking primarily for liability) as well. I recently had a franchise rep try to woo me into signing on. The only thing that made me stop briefly to consider the pitch was easy and (relatively) cheap insurance. I look forward to hearing if any Canadian companies insure HI’s.

Steven Manuel

In my experience you cannot get CGL without E&O and vice versa. I understand that even contractors and business people were having a hard time finding it or high premiums.

Good luck.

I have GL for my contracting business. I pay around $1000.00/year for 1 million coverage. Just a few years ago it was $500.00 and I have never had a claim.:frowning:

I have E&O with FREA, and GL with a Canadian company affiliated with FREA. Highly recommended.

Are you gentlemen referring to CGL or just General Liability? Comprehensive General Liability I believe is what most E&O providers need or require.

Could someone tell me what FREA, stands for ? Thanks

the Foundation for Real Estate Appraisers

Thanks Larry!

I will be starting to do inspections in early june in Sk. and Alberta and I am finding that there are very few leads to E and O ins. I did find a couple through a contact at Carson Dunlop 1-800-268-7070 (Matt). I haven’t persued it yet so not sure about the costs etc. P.S. I am formally from New Glasgow N.S. good to here from a Maritimer.

Have any of you got a General Security Agreement between yourself and the corporation which ‘employs’ you? With this in place you become the first creditor in line if a suit is set in motion. The person suing you will find that the suit will force bankruptcy on the corporation at which time, as noted above, you must be paid first for the money you have invested in the corporation which ‘employs’ you. Once you have been paid there will be nothing left. The person launching the suit has very little financial incentive to continue.

Registration witht the Federal govt. costs me $11/annum. My lawyer had his admin. assistant put the paperwork together. Took about a week.

With this in place E & O is less necessary. Give me a shout if your lawyer concurs.

  • James Walker (Brampton)
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Sounds interesting, my understanding is the bank and taxman - Revenue Canada are given top priorities, even before wages, or others. Possibly it depends if one is independently free from such liabilities.