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I am looking for E&O Insurance in Canada for new inspectors and was wondering if anybody can help me find a good provider. I am also doing IR and want coverage for that. It seems that most insurance company’s don’t like IR and more don’t like new inspectors.

Your Info is much appreciated

Lawrence Olsen

Something that vendors of training and equipment probably didn’t mention while taking your money after luring you into the field with the promises of big income!! As Roy and Nick have both mentioned in other threads, 90% of new inspectors don’t make it past a couple of years but more and more people are rushing into the field.

Why do you feel you need E&O for IR?

Even with FREA’s free GL insurance incentive, they are still way expensive than HUB International E+O and GL combined. Nothing is never Free-a!

I’m in the process of renewing my ins. and I will stay with Hub INt. it my second year that I’m insured with them and supposedly the cost went down, I will know next month


I am a new inspector and received a very fair quote from Kim at Hub.

Thanks for the info. I never heard of Hub but will give them a call and see if they can help me.

And Brian I am aware that the home inspection business is hard to get into that is why I am adding IR to my services and have training and experience. I will be one of the 10% that make it.

Raymond: E&O is just as important for IR as for HI. If you make a mistake who is going to pay?

Lawrence Olsen

Will check out wth my insurance company here in Calgary. Was up in Red Deer today. Should have called you while I was there but completely did a brain f*rt and forgot.
Maybe next one.

speaking of insurance ,
E&O, Liability, would one do or would both?
does any one know where one could get a reasonable price in Sask?:slight_smile:


E&O covers if you screw up or miss something. Liability covers if somebody gets hurt or if you damage property while on the inspection.

Liability is something that most insurance company’s carry, while E&O is harder to find your agent might know or check out the hub. You will probably have to go outside of Sask. to find E&O or your insurance agent will for you.