Canadian Insurance Coverage

Just starting out and getting my Insurance in order before I start out. What is an acceptable cost range for Commercial General Liability (CGL) and E&O Liability? Is it a must to carry both? I know having E&O is a must.


Expect >< $4,200 for combined. Experience is/can be added into the equation.

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Thank you for the info Robert. Received a quote pretty much exactly that. Cheers

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My pleasure.
Call, HUB International. Celia Abrahams. Vice President at Hub International HKMB.

Been dealing with Celia for just as long as she has been at HUB. Use to be Kimberly Smith.
Great, wonderful person. Mention you were referred by Robert Young, Robert Young’s Montreal Home Inspection Services Inc. Won’t affect you premiums but I think she will enjoy the referral.
Tell, Celia, I think, Robert say’s, She’s The Best! Likely make her smile.

$1,000,000 PER CLAIM / $2,000,000 PER POLICY PERIOD
Please provide the percentage of the gross revenues generated by:
a) Residential Inspections ________________% b) Commercial Inspections ________________%
I do 65 residential - 35 commercial.
Likely you will be doing 100% residential to start. Just fill in the form. Call me if you need help.

All the best with your endeavors.

Where in Canada are you, Mike?

We are located in Calgary, AB

Mike, if you contact All Insurance, they’ll set you up with the insurances you need, as well as the surety bond, etc. They’re based in Edmonton. They serve all of Alberta. We used them to obtain our E&O, GL, and surety bond, when we lived in AB.


Junior Fudge’s recommendation come from first hand knowledge.

Don’t forget to Call Mr. Larin, Mike. Always good to hear what other offers are available.
As well. Mr. Larin has been trying to reduce fees and deductibles with limited short term success. Unfortunately one plan suffered some setbacks due to too many litigations. Can’t put the cart in front of the horse. Meaning that insuring someone incapable of working consciously and without conflicts of interest. It happens.

Junior Fudge, You’re The Best! :grinning: