E&O Cost?

Just wondering if anyone would be kind enough to give me an estimate of what E&O will cost me for a year?

If you are new to HI

HUB : around $2900 CAD…$350 less for the second year:mrgreen:
THIBODEAU : around $6500+:shock:

Contact Kim at HUB INTERNATIONAL (Ontario) she is very nice:mrgreen:

Stay away is my advice; having had policies in the past with this chap. That is highway robbery! The service was not so terrific either.

I wonder why he is a member of this association, when i talked to him on the phone about a year ago he didnt quite give NACHI a high note

Who in their right mind would pay $6K+ for a policy? I guess he is a member in order to fish, and hopefully catch a few suckers. :wink:

Friends of OAHI. I didn’t know OAHI had any friends! :mrgreen:


Whereas insurance companies insist that premiums are established by the number and cost of claims.
Whereas CAHPI says that E&O must be mandatory and recommends Thibodeau.
Whereas CAHPI also says that there are lots of claims from improperly trained inspectors. IE. any training that does not follow CAHPI’s formula.
Whereas InterNACHI recommends Hub.
Thus the much lower rates are because of the lower claims Hub has to pay out.
Thus Thibodeau’s high premiums are caused by the large number of claims.
It follows the Thibodeau has mostly CAHPI inspectors and
Hub has mostly InterNACHI inspectors.
Therefore given this information most claims are caused by CAHPI inspectors.