Errors and omissions insurance.

I have looked through some of this message board, but have not seen any postings re E and O Insurance. Do HI’s not subscribe to it and just rely on the disclaimer in the contract, or are there companies that offer this insurance? What sort of cost is involved? Sure appreciate any info and advice you might have.

I am guessing that the Canadian guys use it as well as the US guys. I don’t know of any companies up there though. Mario may be able to help you a bit though. Check back later. But, yes it used by inspectors for good reason.

Here’s the info

Marc-André Beauchemin
Mainspection Brossard,Qc.Canada

I was listening to a non-member of NACHI, but a Quebec inspector and as he was bragging his insurance policy and then spoke of settling claims prior to informing E&O insurance.


Some use it some don’t, it is your decision. Sure I could settle the $2,000 or $5,000 claim without it but could you afford to fight the $50,000 or $100,000 claim if it ever came your way especially if you venture into commercial work. Just some things to think about. I am with HUB for my coverage it is in the $2,600 area per year.

I’m with FREA
I find that it helps me sleep at night.
Would love to find a more affordable package though ](*,)

Cheers, Adam

HUB insurance contact Kim Smith at:
905-847-5500 or 800-263-2383 if you want better rates. They forced FREA to drop rates. Four years ago only Frea was available to me. Hub has cut the cost in half. Pierre Thibodeau is also another and has competetive rates.

Thanks for the info David! I will call today. If I can get lower rates, I will owe you one - big time! :smiley:

Yes… very useful information. Thanks everyone.

I am presently negotiating “pay per inepection” E&O insurance coverage for Canadian InterNACHI members.

This would be a great help for new inspectors or those with not that many inspections.

It looks very good so far but we’re not at home plate as yet. I expect to have some results in the New Year and will keep all informed.

Cheers to all!


thanks Gilles, for your efforts

Another possible source:
Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd.
7050 Woodbine Ave. Suite #400
Markham ON L3R 4G8
Tel: (905) 886-8310 X 1430
Fax: (905) 886-5622
Cell: (416) 578-8537

Dittos on the " sleep at night" thing !

Great idea, keep us posted.

Try the tooten insurance group ,toronto 1-888-868-8367.they are almost 900.00 cheaper than frea.

I searched high and low and HUB was by far the best, I’m around $2600 a year. Gilles please keep us informed on what your working on as this would greatly help new inspectors that have business that comes in “waves”…:mrgreen:

Hey Guys/Girls

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Hmm…“Referral Income” for Early Responders

Hey Leo, have you made any coin on this yet?
I have been offering this for a while now. I have yet to get a penny for my efforts- I am going to follow up with my past clients and see if any of them actually activated an account.

I just found this Darren, so I guess, I should not be expecting any big paydays soon. LOL