E & O Insurance in Florida

Can anyone in the North East Florida area tell me where they found errors and omissions insurance? I’m having a hard time find someone to write the policy. Does InterNACHI offer E & O to it’s members? Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!


Inspector Pro

I agree with Greg. Inspector Pro is the best. FREA is the worst. Everyone else is somewhere in between.

Tim, I would be happy to work with you as I have a lot of Inspectors Insured with my program in Florida. And Nick I’m far better that somewhere in between.

Thanks for all the information and advice!! My agent is checking one other insurance, if that does not work out I will definitely check out all of the above.

Tim Losco

HAHAHAHA… Nick, what makes you say FREA/ALIA is the worst? That’s a low blow don’t ya think?

Tim – see my private message to you. Let’s chat when you have a minute.

The top benefit they list in return for higher premiums is “educational opportunities.” This from their website:

When you dig into that a bit you’ll discover it is nothing more than atrocious online courses that are horribly weak in comparison to www.nachi.org/education.htm. It gets worse. The courses aren’t truly a free membership benefit at all (even though FREA lists them at the very top of their benefits page). They charge for their online courses. The “opportunity” is offered for an additional fee. It’s an opportunity to pay on top of what you’ve paid.

Now this is a real benefits page: www.nachi.org/benefits.htm (I warn you though… prepare to scroll and click) :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Nick, at the very bottom of the benefits I see Crossword puzzles ? These are totally cool. You should have the gang add some more.

But now since I discovered these you owe me as these will consume some precious time…LOL;)



We don’t list all our benefits on www.nachi.org/benefits.htm Some are posted only on this message board as a reward for those who frequent this madhouse.

Why don’t you partner up with them so they offer your education?

The providers they have up there now offer Kindergarten-level inspection courses (don’t believe me, take one) which reinforce the false confidence the student has in his/her own competence level. FREA is really horrible for our profession. So horrible that I offered them free access to our courses if they would only switch for the good of the industry. They turned me down. I’m working on some ways to get them out of our industry for good. They need to stick to appraisers.

FREA had one thing going for them… Ben Garrison. He was smart to leave their sinking ship.

I had enough of getting beat up about why the FREA policy was more expensive and offered less coverage than all of the competitors and it became hard to sell something I would not buy if I was a consumer. Therefore I did what was best for me when Elite MGA approached me with a great opportunity to grow their program with The Hartford. FREA has since undergone a number of changes, hopefully for the better, and I wish them the best. I’m glad I moved on, it was time.

Ben Garrison writes:

I can’t sell anything I don’t believe in.

I’ll tell you a funny story. When I was a REALTOR I showed a duplex to an Indian couple (from India, not American Indian) who wanted to live in one side and rent out the other. I was their buyer’s agent and I advised them not to buy it. It may seem like a good idea financially, on paper, but I felt they should not share a common wall with their tenant and instead should buy a separate rental property if they wanted to be landlords and to keep their home life detached (literally) from their real estate investments. They took my advice and walked on the deal. Well from then on my real estate career changed… every Indian in town hired me to be their agent.