recommendations for E&O insurance company

hello fellow inspectors. Would like recommendations on E&O insurance company’s.

Thanks Gregg,
Got a call into them.

Try a State Farm agent - They have a pretty good policy with their Specialty Products.

Without a doubt, Inspector Pro Insurance. Email InterNACHI’s rep Will Colton:

Ben Garrison seems great to work with and posts here all the time.
Never even insults me which makes him a saint…:slight_smile:


You can call me direct. 801-610-2713. you can also visit my website to complete an easy application and I will rush a quote to you.



I would have to agree. Will is awesome! Even though he didn’t give me a ride to the airport or take me out to dinner in Vegas.


You’re Hilarious. Sorry about the Airport. I thought maybe you and Russ had some extracurricular activities planned before leaving Las Vegas and having the insurance guy along might be a buzzkill.

I got you covered at the Florida COA event. Dinner on me.

…now im sure we will see a bunch of responses inviting themselves to our dinner…LOL…This may push your meal from Steak to Big Mac…

First 3 InterNACHI Members to respond, get a ticket to Dinner with me and Preston at COA Florida event (spouses included)

Will is THE GUY to call for insurance. He did our application right on the spot at one of the conferences (for Mold, E&O, Wind, Radon, General Liability, and I think something else??)… it was an awesome rate, anytime I ever need anything he and his staff jump right on it.

We have had other insurance companies… but Will has been able to secure a Niche market and therefore offer outstanding rates!

I can sweet talk Will into Dinner (almost) anytime… so if you want to go and meet him… i’ll gladly give up my seat for dinner with him and Preston… so someone else can learn just how awesome of a person he is professionally and personally.

What better prize than dinner with Will and Myself! Big Mac for everyone, Lol. Good to see you Will. You ever come to FL with the family let us know.


Can I sit 5 seats down from Russell Hensel?


Will has always talked straight to me and done what he says he’ll do…good man.

On this message board, you find one post after another after another after another after another recommending Will Colton.