insurance e&o and general liability

Hello all, It’s that time of year for me!! Shopping insurance! Who recommends and is happy with their provider? Thanks for any info.

Check out InspectorPro.
Perhaps Nick will chime in with a link.
I’ve been with them for a very, very long time.
Always pleased with the fee & service.

I have ALIA

Didn’t shop much, just got it last year and hope I never need it.

Switched from Hub over to Inspector Pro here in Canada. Much better pricing and it is one of those things you need but hope to never use so pricing is a good thing to look at as well as service.

I use Hanover

David Wicker at CH insurance. I’m very happy.

Definitly call david wicker. At least talk to him and let him give you a qoute. I found i was getting more bang for my buck with david. Plus hes always there when i have a question.

I can’t agree enough. Dave was not only competitive but after being able to call him for advise I would pay even more. I got WDO coverage for approximately the same price as my old provider with way more service. I don’t shop around anymore.

Here is his contact info:
David Wicker Account Executive - CH Insurance
Phone - 315-552-5334
Email -

Brandon Bedsaul
KVRI Home and Structural Pest Inspections
Washington School of Home Inspection

Inspector Pro
Almost 10 years now…

I initially talked to Dave but becuse he doesn’t operate in Canada he recommended InspectorPro. Couldn’t be happier and thanks Dave.