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Hi all. I’m gearing up to start my business this spring and am looking for a good insurance carrier/policy…good price l, good policy. Any recommendations?

Welcome Jason! :slight_smile:
I have been with InspectorPro for ten years.
Some may say positive and/or negative reviews but I have
found them to be friendly, cooperative & professional.

You may want to set your E&O deductible for around $1500.
Those with $5000 or more find themselves virtually paying the claim themselves with such a high number.
Your policy also includes free “claims assistance” that helps you respond, write letters, etc. It will NOT be held against you for future premiums if it goes away from there. If it does escalate to an official demand/claim, the deductible is reduced by 50% if you use this free service.

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

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Thanks for the reply!
InspectorPro is the one I have been in contact with and the quote they gave me is about $1800 yearly (significantly less than the others I have found). I was just curious to know what others pay for solid coverage.

What’s the deductible. Watch out.

I would strongly recommend looking at the policy listed right here on the InterNACHI website. It comes with the strong defense mechanism of the InterNACHI SOP and counsel. https://www.nachi.org/insurance.htm

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Thanks for the suggestions! I will do more research.

Hartford for General Liability / $500 p/yr

Marion Allen for E & O Ins / $1,100 p/yr

Started out with inspector pro, just switched to CH insurance with David Wicker.

Been there, done that!

I’ve been attempting to get Canada-wide E&O coverage for InterNACHI members (1600+) in this country for the better part of 10 years and we’re nearly there!

We need to get ONE insurer to cover ALL INACHI members EVERYWHERE (basically U.S. & Canada) NOW!

Any takers???