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Hello fellow home inspectors! If you would like to save a lot of money on your E&O? Go to www.greia.org (Georgia real estate inspectors of america) I have been insured with them for 8 years now and am saving about half of what they are charging anywhere else.I get a $1 millon dollor policy @ $2500 deductable for about $1300 a year.Please use my personal code(TN-14) if you join.I think this is a good deal for anyone interested.

JC Home/Mold Inspections
John Cubit
Use Personal code TN-14 if you join

Sounds great. Insurance rates for me are $2,265 per year for 250k coverage / O E and General disability! Thanks, i’ll look it up and see watch you got

I really like it

Damn John, that is incredibly low priced.

I am with RiskPro now, have been for a couple years, before them Alan, this price is considerably less than what I have for 250,000.00 with 2500 deductible…will contact them.

Thank You for the information…!

·[FONT=Symbol] [/FONT]How much does this E&O policy cost?
Answer: GREIA is membership based. The 2010 membership fee is $1,575.00 + tax and includes $1,000,000 E&O Insurance for each member.

· What is the deductible?
Answer: The deductible for this policy is $2,500

· Is this a claims made policy or an occurrence policy?
Answer: claims made

· Is financing available?
Answer: Yes. Contact us for details.

· Does this policy meet state requirements?
Answer: Yes this policy meets all state E&O requirements.

· Do you provide general liability coverage?
** **Answer: Yes, GREIA is an insurance agency. GREIA provides insurance packages for home inspectors nation-wide for car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, business insurance, life insurance and more.

How come we haven’t heard about this before?
This is truly the best deal I’ve seen. I’ll post specifics once I
get them.

Let us know Billy, Mine is coming up soon.

Dale, Wayne and others. Looks to be legit to me. I’m approved for 1 Mill plus it covers Radon, Termites, Lead, Stucoo, and referring agents. Total price $1575 plus tax = $1653.75 You can even put 35% down and make 9 addtional payments if you wanted to. From what I can tell if your a member of any professional org you simply qualify regardless how long you’ve been in business. I’ve attached everything that was sent to me from the PDF to the email. Look it over and let me know your thoughts…

Hello Mr. Boerner

Congrats! Your application has been approved! Attached is some of our policy information and a quote for you to view. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding our new 2010 policy.

In order to begin your coverage and lock in your rate we will need to get the first and last page of the contractor member agreement back from you. We will also need a copy of your pre-inspection agreement and the attached Pro-Assurance application filled out. You may fax this directly to me at 678-765-2304 or e-mail sarah@grei.biz .

If you would like us to cover you on Prior Acts we will need you to submit your “Declarations page” This will be the first page of your old policy. It will include your 2009 start date, End date and retroactive date.

Please note that this quote is for E&O insurance ONLY. I will obtain a quote for General Liability for you as requested on your application. Your quote will come over to you directly through Newtek.

I am here to answer any questions that you may have so please feel free to contact me!

I Look forward to working with you and Thank You for serving our country!! :slight_smile:

Sarah LaRocca
GREI Membership Representative
Fax 678-765-2304

Hmmm. Haven’t heard of that type of coverage. . . :wink:

**GREI of **

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Thanks for the info Billy

Showing proof of membership in good standing with ASHI, NAHI, or interNACHI will satisfy all of the above requirements.

From the above statement belonging to NACHI is requirments enough for them. :slight_smile:

Again If you do sign up for the E & O insurance would you please use my code # TN 14
Thank you
John Cubit
JC Home/Mold Inspections

Why do you ask?

John I’m about to credit you $50. That’s why Larry. I’ve done my homework and I’m on my last email before making my purchase. The insurance is indeed 1MILL E&O for $1654 which includes endorsements for Termites, Radon, Lead, Stucco, and realtor referrals. Best deal out there in my opinion and the insurance is underwritten by a company called…

ProAssurance Specialty Insurance Co Inc

(a member of ProAssurance Group) A.M. Best #: 011697 NAIC #: 10179 FEIN #: 363990058

P.O. Box 590009
Birmingham, AL 35259-0009

Phone: 205-877-4400
Fax: 205-870-1756
Web: www.proassurance.com


This rating is assigned to companies that have, in our opinion, an excellent ability to meet their ongoing obligations to policyholders.

Best’s Ratings
Financial Strength Ratings View Definitions Rating: A (Excellent)
Affiliation Code: r (Reinsured)
Financial Size Category: XIII ($1.25 Billion to $1.5 Billion)
Outlook: Stable
Action: **Affirmed **
Effective Date: June 10, 2010

I found this company all over the internet and my state approves of them. If someone knows something I don’t please let me know before I make my purchase :slight_smile:

They are offering anyone who is insured with them a $50 gift for any one that I refer to them and sign up.They will more then likly do the same for anyone who signs up.i have been insured with them for about 8 years now.

Is anyone using these guys in Florida? If so what is your overall opinion of the company ?

I just called them. They cover Wind Mitigation inspections (which is very hard to find) and the price they quoted me is as good as I had before for a policy that would not cover wind mits.

Thanks Robert.
I will check them out. Is that general liability or e&o for the wind mits?

According to the person I spoke with, their standard E&O policy covers Wind Mits. Their standard policy does not include GL but they said it would probably run around $400.