What is a good E&O insurance where i can find?

I need to find an inexpensive E&O insurance, any suggestion?:slight_smile:

What do you consider inexpensive?

Well i mean a cheaper insurance to puchase, what good company out there, because they r all very expensive to purchase

As a new inspector this is a problem that you are going to face. I just renewed mine for one million coverage for $2122. I thought that it was a fair price given the other options.

Please quantify what you mean by cheaper.

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I use US.Risk.
I was told by another fellow inspector in my area that Superior Insurance Services, Inc. was pretty decent.
Be sure to compare side by side all the offers as they might/will vary in what exactly is included in the coverage, the deductible etc… Just like any other type of insurance.
I can send you a copy of policy comparison I was given if you’d like.
My State requires a minimum of $100,000 in E&O but I looked up the average house price in my area and then got coverage for a little over that average. Also important is get a good GL coverage. You wouldn’t want to have to pay out of pocket for walking through the ceiling and damaging the new wood floors.

If you’re concerned about price and price only, you can probably find it for $1400 give or take… As long as you never have any kind of claim, that would be a good deal for you. :wink: