EBPHI Exam Preparation

Hey all, I’m a new member and preparing to take the EBPHI Nation Home Inspector exam here in Oregon.
I’ve got a strong background in building science and construction and do fairly well on the interNACHI practice tests.
I’m curious if anyone has taken the EBPHI exam and feel like the interNACHI online courses prepared them.
Another option I have is buying the home inspector manual from EBPHI and studying that.
I guess I’m just wondering if anyone has an opinion on best ways to prepare for that specific exam. Seems like there’s a lot of options.

Good morning Andrew
I too am planning to take my EBPHI test soon (January).
Like you I have found the course tests easy to pass. I need to get some ride a long inspections booked. After that I will have the points needed to sit for my test.
While I am confident in my building knowledge (12+ years general contractor) I think the ride a long inspections will help round out my inspection procedures and report writing.
Have you decided on your software you intend to use?

I haven’t chosen a software yet. I probably should be looking more actively though. Have you found one you prefer?
I hope to find one with a emphasis or section pertaining to energy efficiency and possible upgrades. I’ve got some old equipment from my last weatherization business I could put to use during an inspection…might set me apart from the competition.
Good Luck!

I recently took the EBPHI exam after studying for several months. I took a lot of the Internachi courses and did well on them. In addition I went through all the practice questions with the test prep app several times. What is going to guarantee you pass though is to buy the exam prep book and study it cover to cover. I made about 400 flash cards and went through them many times until I knew the information thoroughly. There are many easy questions on the exam but there are some tough ones too involving the need to know specific information and if you don’t put in the time to study you’ll be paying to take the test again. passed it my first time but busted my *** studying for it.

Hope that helps. Good luck.

Good early morning all.
Andrew, I am seriously considering Home Guage for software and web site services. Noticed you have not joined InterNachi. I found alot of very useful and educational information in areas I could not access without membership. It’s a business expense and I’ll write off the costs. Great investment! Good luck too you.

Good morning Robert.
I also purchased the study guide. Happy to hear you confirm it was a good investment!
Flash cards are an awesome tip!
Thanks for the test tips!
Good luck in biulding your business!

Much appreciated, thanks for the input. I’ve got the study guide on the way and plan on joining interNACHI shortly.