NHIE Test prep with NACHI courses/quizzes?

I’m prepping for the exam on Dec 2nd. I’ve been hammering away at the InterNACHI education courses and the practice quizzes and exam here at InterNACHI since September.

Do the materials on InterNACHI reflect the actual exam at all? NHIE has practice quizzes available for $15-$25, and I haven’t bothered with them. InterNACHI seems to have a lot of good prep material, but not sure if it is “close” to NHIE exam questions.

Many of you have already taken the NHIE so I figure you’d know.

I keep wondering if all this studying HERE is good but may end up totally unrelated to questions on the actual NHIE. Can anyone say a few words about this?

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Kevin, any studying is helpful but getting a copy of the NHIE study guide (not sure on the name, exactly.) will help.

Check our classified ad thread, eBay, etc.

Remember that the questions can have more than one correct answer, choose the BEST answer. And, if you don’t know the answer to a question, mark it to come back later, because often there are questions later that will tip you off to that marked correct answer.

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Hello Kevin and welcome to the profession.

The link above has a link to our practice exam. I also created a few videos to help you pass the exam and learn our profession. The exam will give you the results as soon as you are done. If you need help understanding why an answer is right, or wrong; please feel free to call me at 630-327-2700. Best wishes.
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How did the Exam go Kevin?

Great Mike. I got a 707, which is “perfect for me”. Took an hour first run through, then I went through every single question a second time and ended up changing about 10 of them. I’m glad it’s done! Did you get yours over with?

By the way, 90% of my study tool was InterNACHI online education courses. I nearly completed each course, but stopped shy of the finals. (I’ll finish them up for CE credit LATER). They have quizzes in each section and I retook them until they were each 100%.

So on the way home, got the Little Giant 22’ ladder at Lowes on sale for 129 (this week only I think), almost ready to roll.


I did this exam in addition the the grueling hours of InterNachi study. This exam was VERY helpful and VERY VERY close to the NHIE in some areas. I completed all 231 questions and then took notes on each and every single one I got wrong. Between InterNachi and Chicago Home Inspectors tests, I filled a notebook up with what I didn’t know. And it was odd how much of it landed right onto my exam. Thanks for your link to the ENORMOUS practice test!

That is sooo cool to hear. Congratulations on passing the exam. No get your butt out there and learn as much as you can and start making money. Best wishes and glad help.