National test in Washington state

Hello I’m trying to become a licensed inspector in Washington State. I’ve joined InterNACHI, I’ve studied for months, I’ve taken & passes the InterNACHI entrance examination, I’ve studied the National Inspectors exam website, I’ve passed multiple times all of the practice tests, some with 100%, & Ive taken the National & State examinations 3 times & flunked all three times. My question is, what the heck am I doing wrong besides answering the questions wrong?? Have other inspectors had such a hard time with this test?? I would appreciate any help or information that Anyone has to offer. I’m not brilliant but on the other hand I’m not stupid!! I’ve worked in the High voltage field for 32 years & now have retired with hopes of becoming a home inspector. Honestly I’m scratching My head on what I need to do to pass this test!! Thank You for anything You All have to offer.

Thomas J Tannian

You aren’t doing anything wrong and you likely passed. We are suing EBPHI and hope to have the goofy NHIE shut down soon. Hang in there.

Training aside, let me ask you a personal question because it can make a big difference. Is there a possibility that you have test anxiety? I have coached lots of student / athletes that are smart as a whip, that have big issues with anxiety. The knowledge is there but when they sit down to take the test, they become blithering idiots.

There are well known methods for calming yourself prior to and during the actual test. Research them and use them.

Good luck.

Just think. Because of state licensing of home inspectors, if drivers had to go through the same, extensive testing to get a driver’s license, over half of the people would be walking or riding bicycles.

My ex brother-in-law has a MBA and a doctorate from a huge university. I will never forget the day when he called me to ask where and how does he put gas in his car.

You can take all the tests in the world, and it will never make you a good home inspector, until you get at least 100 inspections under your belt. You can never substitute any, or any number of tests or class training, with actual experience.

Touring InterNACHI house of horrors is better than any other state or national home inspector test or course, IMO.

Have you been performing mock inspections? I did about 30 before getting started and that really helped apply all the knowledge I had learned. Maybe putting your knowledge to use will help you to pass the test.

Check around to see if there is anyone that offers a test prep course in your area.