Economy looking good

U.S. new home starts jump to fastest pace in 4 years.
Chicago foreclosure rate slides

Suntimes today also reported The National Association of Homebuilders confidence is up highest level in 6 years,plus home sales were up in October by over 53% from a year ago in Chicago.

Hey I thought they were supposed to tell us this stuff before the elections…:slight_smile:

So much for the doom and gloom crowd.

People are buying and selling homes before the 3.8% home sales tax goes into effect January 1st. It was part of the Obama Care legislation. I believe that is the figure.

One reason why the movie guy sold Star Wars to Disney for Gazzillions before the end of the year.

Do not let figures get to you. The next 4 years will look like the last 4 years; maybe worse.

Ha ha …here is one of the doom and gloom gang right now.:smiley:
Cheer up buddy things will get bad again.

Bob, did you steal Barry Adair’s rose colored glasses?

David you are the last to complain…how much did you make this year again…?

Stop watching Faux news.

Yes sir I am… :wink:

I just couldn’t resist!

I haven’t had a day off to be able to watch the Tube…

You said how much ?..missed that part buddy.

Yeah like I said ,looking good.:slight_smile:

Wait til next spring…
from Ben Bernanke’s “state of the economy” Nov. 20, 2012

But the threat of austerity is the main concern.
Although fiscal policy at the federal level was quite expansionary during the recession and early in the recovery, as the recovery proceeded, the support provided for the economy by federal fiscal actions was increasingly offset by the adverse effects of tight budget]( conditions for state and local governments. In response to a large and sustained decline in their tax revenues, state and local governments have cut about 600,000 jobs on net since the third quarter of 2008 while reducing real expenditures for infrastructure projects by 20 percent. More recently, the situation has to some extent reversed: The drag on economic growth from state and local fiscal policy has diminished as revenues have improved, easing the pressures for further spending cuts or tax increases. In contrast, the phasing-out of earlier stimulus programs and policy actions to reduce the federal budget deficit have led federal fiscal policy to begin restraining GDP growth. Indeed, under almost any plausible scenario, next year the drag from federal fiscal policy on GDP growth will outweigh the positive effects on growth from fiscal expansion at the state and local level. However, the overall effect of federal fiscal policy on the economy, both in the near term and in the longer run, remains quite uncertain and depends on how policymakers meet two daunting fiscal challenges–one by the start of the new year and the other no later than the spring.
This is the story everyone needs to be watching. Everything else is kind of a distraction.

Read more:

Yes I am convinced we should all go and slit our throats right now.
Basic human Psychology is to see what we want to see so the responses tell all about the individuals.

RED RED the color red ReD rEd RED.

Quick look to the room on your left ,what is the first color you saw.:slight_smile:
I used that one yesterday on a nice Agent and she freaked but got my point.

This is how inspection is as well so remember that next time you document in the field.

David the buyers always wear rose colored glasses …and you wear multi-colored Mr Thermal!

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Infrared electrical inspections are picking up too. More insurance companies are requiring infrared electrical inspections. I just completed a 2 day infrared and ultrasound electrical inspection. $4000 for 2 days work. I have another one scheduled for Monday and a bid walk for another one on Tuesday. cha ching

Did they legalize pot in Illinois?

Anyone who thinks we will avoid the crap storm ahead has lost his marbles.

The so called fiscal cliff they are beating into your heads is a ruse.

It’s small potatoes to distract you from the real problems.

Great news for the illegal aliens building all the new homes. :smiley: What’s the real unemployment rate in the US now??? What the national debt up to? What’s the annual budget deficit? How has the stock market done since the election?

One of the funny things not only about the economy but about life in general is we are all ruled by perception and expectations.

see post #11
Sorry Joe but you prove my point.

What a hoot. lol…lol…lol…lo…lol

These hope and change kool-aide drinkers actually think everything is fine.

Boy are they in for a shock.

Better order your meds now.

Glad you are having a great day Mike.

I face reality Bob.

For example:

You live in a bankrupt state.

If you think that it can be fixed without great pain you are living in delusionville.

The grass is always greener on the other side but if you need help relocating I will be happy to assist.:slight_smile:

Wonder why all the empty fields are around you as hustle and bustle fills my eye site in every direction I scan from Chicago.
They must all be busy packing up and moving to Wisconsin…lol

Stay in Ill at your own risk.

Your state’s problems’s will not be fixed.