Home sales are rocketing

At least in SW Ohio.

Cincinnati home sales up 31% over a year ago.

Dayton home sales up 20% over a year ago.

The threat of higher interest rates is pushing homebuyers off the fence.

Too late in many areas where inventory is quite low

They are really moving here, i’m super busy.

Busier than I have ever been.

I have had my home on the market for 18 months, with no offers.

lol ,Hopefully you will be moving from that “Hell hole”.

Damn Obama, what a prick!

Obama has done ZERO to improve home sales.

Only a damn fool would think otherwise.

Just think if “we” would have elected Romn$y.

Okay I’m jumping in.

Hillary 2016. :smiley:

I don’t think you can blame or credit Obama. There are about a million new households forming every year in the U.S., the baby boomers are both selling and buying, investors are in the housing market with all cash, and with all the printing and no interest being paid on savings, paper money has to go into hard assets (like real estate). It is only going to get better for home inspectors. Most members I talk to are having their best year.

As for Romney, he is a war monger just like Obama who would have also sent his invaders into other people’s lands (provided they don’t have nukes of course, our Marines are tough, but they aren’t crazy) to bomb them just like Obama did. To fund our acts of aggression and terrorism, Bernanke has to print fiat currency, which in turn increases the price of hard assets like real estate (in numbers of dollars). So in that sense, both Obama and Romney are indirectly good for housing. Ron Paul would have been better for the tens of thousands of women and children we slaughtered and continue to slaughter (now with sissy drones), for the warriors who were tortured, and for the purchasing power of our dollar (the U.S. dollar is being debased), but probably not so good for increasing home prices or for home inspectors in the short term.

Now with regard to housing prices: our success as an industry, is related to number of transactions, not the price of homes. It really doesn’t matter that much (to us) if someone is selling because they are moving into their dream home or selling due to financial distress. So in a way… turmoil is our friend. I desire just enough turbulence to keep people buying and selling and selling and buying (at any price).

It’s a great business. Home inspectors can’t be downloaded, replaced by robots, or off shored to India… regardless of who is President.

The party’s over.

"Sales of New Homes Fall Sharply as Mortgage Rates Rise"](http://www.nytimes.com/2013/08/24/business/economy/sales-of-new-homes-fall-sharply-as-mortgage-rates-rise.html?_r=0)

The party’s not over here, at least not yet.

New home construction soaring in 2013

I bet the inspector doesn’t find any issues with your house.