educational Costs?

I am very excited to break into the field of HI. I have been involved in new home construction for years and remodeling for years. I think HI is great and very helpful to the clients when done properly. I am looking to get started with a career but I don’t understand why Internachi is so much less expensive than ASHI. I received an email from ASHI about the educational costs exceeding 6k. I spoke with Internachi and their’s is free??? with a memebership fee of $365. I want to get the best education, and I really like the things I hear about InterNachi (internet forums etc…). Can someone help clarify if I am understanding this educational process?

To answer your question, ASHI charges $6K to sucker in the idiots who are dumb enough to pay for unapproved training. If you see an ASHI logo, there is usually a bozo nearby.

InterNACHI’s inspection courses have been awarded over 1,000 governmental approvals and accreditations.

There you go Jack. Straight from the horse’s mouth (Nick’s). If you don’t know who Nick is yet, well, let’s just say, he’s the Big Kahuna around here. :wink:

Good to see you here. I took the Carson and Dunlop course for 3500 but i have found internachi’s course and nachi tv much more helpful to be honest. I feel like a sucker for paying C&D. Do the internachi first and if you feel you want more THAN pay the money, i wish i did

Dont listen to Nick. He’s after your $365.00 :slight_smile:

kidding aside you will regret it if you make a different choice. many ASHI members also join InterNachi and not many InterNachi members join ASHI. Have you decided on software yet? there are promotional deals that save money if you are a member.

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Dont listen to Nick. He’s after your $365.00 :slight_smile:

That’s funny because I swore he bumped it to $1000 last year! :wink:

We raised InterNACHI dues from $289 to $365 last year, but we didn’t raise dues on existing members.

We raised the price of CMI from $375 to $1,000 last year.

I joined internachi 3 months ago (im a newb to the biz) and havent regretted it one bit. Lottahelpful guys here JJ is one of em. Its not without its characters lol. I consider the 365 very well spent.

See… I’m not as dumb as you think… :mrgreen:

I donno Jeff you ARE pretty dumb :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the repsonse. I see you are local. I live in Newtown Square, PA.

Yeah, well, at least I don’t have to take med’s because of it! :mrgreen:

What software do you mean? I understand that I will go through with the material provided on Internachi. Is there more?

You guys are all great for replying so quickly. All the posts were helpful. Thanks!

Reporting Software for when you actually start inspecting. Do not buy, before you try. All reputable companies have a free trial to give it a test drive before you buy.

Oh great! Thanks alot for the help. Any suggestions on reporting software?

Jack -

I don’t know what you saw on ASHI but what they might be referring to is most states accept online training for an existing inspector to gain his or her continuing education training every year and NACHI has lots of good inexpensive education.

BUT some states do NOT accept online or correspondence courses for their PRE-LICENSING requisites.

I’m in Kansas / They want BUTT in a seat training for Pre-Licensing study, and YOU can not afford to have instructors teaching 8-10-12 days of classes for FREE. BUT KS accepts online classes for CE, and some places offer FREE classes to existing inspectors. Check whats required where you’re at.

For Example: I had done home inspections part-time for 7 years BUT back in 1983 when I decided to go into home inspection FULL time to round out my skill set. So I went to one of the 2 home inspection schools in the US at that time.

I’m gonna guess that between air fare, hotel for 2 weeks, food, tuition, etc that I dropped $2,500-$3,000 (29 years ago), so today it would logically be more.

He’s in Pennsylvania, so he has to join InterNACHI by state regulation.

Nick, you live within twenty minutes of me. After talking to Lisa at Internachi, it seems the online training supplied will be what’s required from the PA. Is that correct or is there more?:cool: