InterNACHI has some lousy inspectors as members. Yes I said it!

Most of them dopes are in licensed states too (the license even fools them into believing they are competent).

We also have many of the very best inspectors.

All associations have bad and good. An association is not defined by its worst or its best but rather its overall bloodline.

In other words, an association’s overall bloodline (quality) is at most, an INDICATION, of what you will get if you hire a member of that association.

Having said that… the most important thing an association can do to increase the quality of its overall bloodline is to make quality education and training conveniently available to its members at very affordable costs.

As long as you and your close buddies get rich from the graft and racketeering, why shoud anyone complain ?


Bill Mullen

Damn nick…I guess that fire really pissed you off. Thanks for all you do.

11/2/08, 10:07 AM

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**Please Note: ** bmullen is a non-member guest and is in no way affiliated with InterNACHI or its members.

Re: Online, video, commercial HVAC inspection course.
That looks great, Nick. Will it be only available to iNACHI members? I want two of my guys besides myself to take this course, but they haven’t yet signed up for membership. I’m encouraging them to do so, because your educational offerings are second to none as far as availability, convenience, thoroughness, and student friendliness.

There, I said it for all the world to see.

Bill Mullen RHI, CMI
CAHPI Past President


Nick has a huge opportunity to be a major force in the Canadian inspection industry. Unfortunately, he doesn’t understand how we do thimgs in Canada and doesn’t want to know.

With two phone calls and a valid commitment from Nick, I could get you all some needed recognition. Unfortunately, I have no money to offer to Nick, so he has no interest in working with me or other people who really want to help Canadian inspectors.

I must say I am disappointed in Allen Cavdek and his posse, who have made it very obvious that their only interest is to make money through Allen’s un-accredited educational system.

Bill MUllen

Good for you, Mr. Elliott:
You have shown that you at least dig out old posts. Please realize that the message of mine that you are showing was sent well before I realized that Nick and his closest buddies were running a huge scam on the members.

I always suspected this and was of course advised by my good friends to stay away from this Ponzy scheme.

If you like it, good for you. You and 6,000 others are fooling yourself into thinking that you can call yourself ‘Certified’ because one man, Mr. GodMicko, with no relevant qualifications, tells you it’s okay to brag you are certified no matter what your back ground or education.

Some day you will realize this as well, but it will be after you have lost a lot of money.

But what the heck, we’re all adults and if Nick and his buddies can pick us clean, more power to them, right ???

Bill Mullen
Not a NACHI member.

Nobody has entered my home or put a gun to my head for anything.
The only people mad, are those that had some sort of Rose colored glasses.

Perhaps not all go in with open eyes.

Capitalisim still lives here, and many members appreciate it for what it is.

What law has been broken?
What law has been broken?
Again I ask ,what law has been broken?


I am glad you brought up the subject of rose coloured (note the Canadian spelling) glasses. I think it would behoove Nachi to now hand out rose coloured glasses out as an enticement and freebie for all the newbie gullible inspectors who can’t pass the muster here at Nachi! I see by your photo that you are already wearing a pair! :mrgreen:

I alone own all distribution rights to the Certified iNACHI Rose Colo(u)red Glasses

You want 'em contact me!

This message has been approved without authorization :twisted:

You’ll have to get in line Paul. I understand that Peter Tafeen has been given the task of handing out the rose coloured glasses. They were going to be free but then Peter became involved and now the free glasses are still free but shipping will cost $50 per pair. But thats not all if you order now Peter will also send you a free soap on the rope!

What a deal!

Gee nickey. If you collected 289 per and marketed 15 new inspectors to the public yesterda alone as “certified” inspectors, and only 1 came from an association that requires proctored testing and verified proof of experience. your blood line dropped below zero in one day.:twisted::twisted:

To those who cannot read between the lines…Nick is conveying that NACHI’s new direction (that of being an education provider to inspectors as opposed to being a home inspector association) absolves it of the quality of the members it enrolls.

The new mission, to be achieved from its vendors who are willing to share its profits with the association, is to point out the weaknesses and shortcomings of inspectors and to fill those needs with its own products. For instance, all of the “dopes” in licensed states will be shown how much they can benefit and improve by watching NACHI Tv…free to NACHI members, but at a fee to all the rest.

Actually, this makes sense to many of us who have been wondering which direction NACHI was heading since it was no longer an association for home inspectors.

For those who remain, I suppose that this is kind of like being a “member” of ITA/Kaplan. I am a member of ICC, a provider of education, to obtain their materials at a significant discount.

So far…far…far from the past activities of actually “promoting” NACHI members to do home inspections, this new association for educating the industry will dramatize (as it has in the title of this thread) how EVERYONE needs their services, to include its own members. This will certainly offend some who have been struggling to use their membership in NACHI as a “credential”, but it never really was in the first place.

It is no secret that NACHI TV pay-per-view episodes are gathering dust and cobwebs just being marketed to NACHI members. Thus, the association must seek a way and means of making itself relevant to inspectors everywhere.

If presented honestly and with minimum hyperbole, while it means the end of NACHI as many of us remember it, it does keep the business alive. Not a bad idea, really.

Thanks Nick…nice vote of confidence and support. :roll:

When it comes to being the master of spin you are in a close race and on Nick’s heals.:roll:

The requirements for continued membership in INACHI have only increased during the 3 years I have been associated with this org.

That INACHI desires to be the biggest and best education provider is a commendable goal.

That INACHI receives funds for providing some this education is to be expected and is a benefit to many inspectors and only enhances their knowledge and ability to be a better inspector.

The INACHI provides many of the education opportunities as part of membership is great especially for those in licensed states that require CE.

Jim, I respect you but your newly acquired role as a detractor who did not get is way is as unbecoming for you as it is for dharis and a few others.

Now that you have joined an org that promotes licensing I hope you can be happy there but it’s not looking good.

Good post.


Read Nick’s post, very carefully.

The quality of his inspector has to do with his “access” to education at “an affordable price”, correct?

Now…tell me what education programs are promoted by NACHI that are not ALSO available to the rest of the world. Name one.

Thus, a member of association XYZA can have access to its own sources of education as well as NACHI’s.

You may not be aware of this, but one other association (hated by Nick) offers free on-line education to its members as well as having a very solid local chapter system and support that continuously provides a variety of educational opportunities. When you add this to their access to non-member prices for NACHI training, they have the same or better “bloodline”, don’t they?

Nothing offered at NACHI is “exclusive” to its members. Nick will sell it to anyone willing to pay for it. (Here, I am not referring to the free infomercials, but the pay-per-view courses).

I read his post several times before responding and I tried to find in it some way in which he would turn his negative title into a positive spin for the quality of the inspector in his association…but I never saw it, other than to say that he has educational material for sale to the “lousy” inspector to help make him better.

What association doesn’t?

Read them Jim.

More than one are free to members of INACHI

And NACHI.TV too

Even some of pay per view have been provided free to members for a limited time.

Jim, good thinking, but there is a twist. Your association’s Kindergarten online courses aren’t approved by anyone like InterNACHI’s are

Now before you go off on your normal “association-bashing” complaint, let me explain.

Good, convenient education at an affordable price isn’t quite enough. An association has to incentivize SOME of its members with things like membership benefits and state approvals.

In fact, it is the lousy inspector, in licensed states, that MOST needs the state approval incenivization.

Good inspectors are self motivated to self educate.


You live and work in a licenced state do you not? Looks like Nick pegged you pretty good! :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes it was a good post! :mrgreen:

I agree with Nick. It is the lousy inspector that has to be motivated.
The good ones motivate themselves. Read it again. It is the states
approval for CE credits that motivates some, others are motivated
beyond just CE credits. Read it again.

CE credits are an OK motivator, but an inspector who seeks to
go beyond that will go after more education and not just stop at
the CE limitation.

You will get it soon.