ASHI Restricts CE For Advanced Courses

This is bad, because…?

I have not heard of any ASHI training encouraging excursions into wet crawlspaces or throwing away water heaters that are more than 3 years old. Perhaps a close examination of what is being provided as “education” is not such a bad thing.

Perhaps we should follow their example.

It appears ASHI does not encourage some aspects of HI education and thus they
restrict CE approval. This is just the opposite of InterNACHI… IMHO.

If ASHI is your choice of an example to follow, then go for it. It seems
here lately that you are anti-Nick & anti-NACHI anyway. :roll:

It is the opposite of InterNACHI. We can agree on that.

I don’t think is is personal, John, or even professional.

AHSI is the oldest association and is, mainly, made up of old, legacy inspectors who turn down their noses at these new-fangled devices for home inspections, like gas meters, co meters, circuit analyzers and, of course, thermal imaging cameras.

If the public wants a bare bones inspection, with just a checklist report, that is their choice.

But, as iNACHI has proven, we are the “new kids” and have a thing or three to show the old guys (Like the internet, fer gosh sakes).

Hey, more money foriNACHI education and vendors who work with iNACHI.

Our Chapter had many ASHI and NAHI guys come to our “advanced training” classes. Besides, at least in licensed states, ASHI CE credit don’t mean crap. State approved is the gold standard there.

I don’t see the downside.

William…I know see what you said in a past thread…thanks for clearing that up for me…wow, some people are anti Nick…But ya know to REALLY dislike someone you really have to care about them. Kinda weird how that works. If you could care less then you wouldn’t even give that person a second thought. So, after reading these threads and actually backin him up a couple of times. I know see that James secretly loves and admires Nick and the elementary crush is kinda nice to see in the message boards.

James, I now see your point 100% ASHI ROCKS…now go join them and I will be there ina day or two, but dont wait for me…I will be there soon…

ASHI (courses) credits are state approved. What am I missing here?

So are iNACHI courses.

My point here, Erol, is that state CE counts more in licensed states.

There are many iNACHI advanced courses, ones that ASHI won’t recognize, hour for hour, that the state does.

For example, thermal imaging. iNACHI and the Chicago Chapter, between them, have over 19 state CE hours (last time I looked) available, but ASHI will only recognize 2, I believe, for ASHI CE credit.

That was my point. Sorry for the confusion.

Got it, thanks. The whole CE thing is a ‘ball of confusion’. They should just sell CE’s by the pound at local produce markets.

The words “Continuing Education” implies that it is something beyond the basic skills required for your first inspection.

NACHI used to have an Education Committee that helped guide the educational efforts and provide a direction that was relevant to the needs of the inspector. I think that ASHI’s efforts continue to be in that regard, that we have since abandoned.

ASHI is not “restricting” anything. They are simply screening everything which, IMO, is something that only the unworthy educational provider needs to concern himself about. The world is full of self proclaimed “experts” who, for a price, will share their expertise and some form of evaluation is a true membership benefit. We need it here, too.

OMG, does it ever end?

I don’t think any school or association has more CE approvals in Illinois as InterNACHI does:

Why would ASHI cap these courses? It makes no sense. This does not help the inspector.
I am so glad I found InterNACHI.


CREIA is even more pompous.

Their members are all complaining to CREIA that they want CEs for taking InterNACHI’s free, online

So CREIA tried to get InterNACHI to pay CREIA $50 a CE hour to approve our courses for their own members!

Uh, why should we pay to make it inexpensive and easy for CREIA members to do their continuing education? Let them join InterNACHI.

Who do these little dinky schmuck associations like CREIA and ASHI think they are?

On one hand they realize that InterNACHI has taken over the entire inspection industry, but on the other hand… don’t want to believe it.

Much of what NACHI publishes regarding itself contains words such as “largest”, “biggest”, “free”, “discount”, “most”, and “inexpensive”.

These are words that are not commonly used in describing things of quality and value.

Sometimes it appears that NACHI is the little girl dropping her knickers for a dime for every boy in town, but insists upon being married to a doctor in a white wedding gown and to be treated with respect. You can’t always have it both ways.

“Most” inspectors who join a trade association disagree. As “most” have decided to join the “biggest” trade association with the “largest” number of benefits to help their businesses including many “discounts” on things they need and even more that have no “discount” because they are totally “free.” They see the “value” in investing $289 for the "quality "benefits , education and success tools InterNACHI offers.

If you are an inspector and know of something that offers more “value” to your business than InterNACHI, all for $289… let me know.

Is that James or Ray Wand?

By “biggest” is that number of current members? Is that verifiable somewhere? Just asking? :smiley:

Too bad most consumers have never heard of the “new kids” (NACHI). So that’s why they (consumers) believe they are getting a superb inspection from an ASHI inspector, they don’t know any better.

I’ve asked buyers if they have ever heard of NACHI.

Their response -

“Is that something new on the menu at Frontera?”

How can inspectors be taken serious that brag about their association, when it’s hidden under a rock?