Effective or not???

Is this unraveling aluminum ground wire doing the job it was intended for?

Is this a big deal or not.

My gut feeling is since it is not in its normal condition (tightly wound) I should recommend further evaluation by a licensed electrician.

Who agrees? Who disagrees? I’m open to both.


The GEC is supposed to be inserted into a lug provided for that purpose at the main panel, and its size is based on the size of the service entrance conductors.

The present situation is not acceptable and should be noted in your report.

I wasn’t very clear…

This is not the GEC. It is an equipment ground for a 50 amp circuit (possibly the A/C).


 My first impression here is they split the wires up for multiple lugs, while I really dont have a HUGE problem with that concept...other than it is technically CRAPPY workmanship and wrong...they should add a screw on LUG to meet the size of the ACTUAL conductor....

 The twisting of the wires is well....again poor workmanship but still will serve its purpose, not sure I would write that part up myself.

 BUT......I really can't tell from the picture but sometimes what you see is the tech will CUT OFF a strand or two to fit into an Improperly sized terminal which I think "Sparks" is refering to.....thats just plain wrong and should be called out...

 Guys...always make sure you see the terminations and to see if alterations have been made to the conductors to allow them to fit....in all cases this means the wire used exceeds the terminal conductor allowance..

 The other issue that concerns me is the two smaller wires running behind it....are they AL also and are they part of this wire.....or do you have AL Branch-Circuit conductors in this panel as well....

Yes they are AL also but they are not a part of the multi strand wire.

Yes all of the circuit conductors and grounds are AL. I’ve put in the appropriate warning about AL conductors in my report and recommended further evaluation of the entire system (Panels, breakers, outlet connections, fixture connections, etc….). by a licensed electrician.

Good Man…Let the Electrician sort it out at this point.