Aluminum ground wire?

Am I seeing this correct? Can you help me with what I’m seeing? Any info will be appreciated .

Solid Al Ground wire, see them from time to time.

I do not like the way it is punched through the Box.

It’s wired like a sub panel but looks like the service panel. Which is it?

The AL ground wire is not an issue.

Any one lagging on the server besides me?

I am running out the door.
I will pick this up later.

2 photos.

zz2 shows a double tap?
The count does not add up on the right side bus bar…
My eyes bad?

zz4 Looks like a michanical conductor for bonding/grounding wire for a bus bar is detached.
Again am I mistaken?

Sorry I can not make out the photo when zoomed.
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The solid aluminum conductor appears to be a GEC but is too small given the size of the service entrance conductors.

The panel could be either a eervice or non-service panel with a redundant main.

I agree with Robert, the AL looks too small for a GEC.

AL GEC cannot connect to ground rods.

The hole it exits the panel is a factory punched hole.

Can it connect to a different grounding electrode?

It could connect to a metallic water pipe but for a 200 amp service it would be required to be a #2 aluminum conductor.

It is a sub panel on a manufactured home. Just never saw Al., only copper grounds…

I thought the wire through the knockout needed protection/grommet or something.

Normally the romex would need to be protected by a bushing but this smaller 1/4" knockout is made to run your solid ground through unprotected. All is good there.

I see documenttation explaining PEX plumbing is now in a lot of homes due to the fact that it is a cheaper alturative to repairing copper lines with copper.

No more need to cut away large sections of drywall and rebore joists.
PEX can be fished between openings for one.

One draw back is plastic breaks the grounding abilities unless you are sure the piping has not been compromised.