In Floor Sewer Pump

What is the required pipe size for a in floor sewer pump? This pump has a 1.5 inch pipe traveling from the pump to the main waste line. Shouldn’t it be 3 inch?

Ejector pump?

Not if it is a macerator pump. It leaves no solids and only pumps a slurry.

Discharge pipe looks fine, it does need a vent pipe, however, if that is an ejector/sewer pump.

Trap mounted up and down can make a loud slam when the pump shuts off .

Recommended it is side ways for a more silent operation .

Billy, Who’s the manufacture?

Most I’m familiar with require a minimum of 2.

Same here…

Lol it’s messed up either way.

If its a sump pump, most areas don’t allow it to connect to the sewer line.

If its a grinder pump, it’s missing a vent and a ball, or gate valve. Minimum grinder pump discharge is 1 1/4.

Here’s a pic from Carslon Dunlop on a typical installation.

The only requirement is that the pipe be no smaller than the pump discharge.

good luck.

You guys are rock stars. Thank you all!

What did you end up reporting?

I was curious as well, being the vent is the issue.

The “issue” depends on what kind of pump it is. It might not need a vent.

Basement sump pump? Were there any bathroom facilities in the basement? I don’t see a vent, so it may be just a ground water sump pump.

He said “floor sewer pump” in OP. I would assume that BB would know the difference between a sump pump and a sewer pump.

“floor sewer pump” is not a real term. 3 inches isn’t the required min, and it has a host of other problems. Including a missing vent possibly. I am not convinced the OP does know the difference.

Just saying

The difference is that lacking a vent it does not look like an ejector pump to me.

Yeah, but since it’s discharging into the main waste line, it does not look like a sump pump to me. :mrgreen:

Billy, what is it?

That looks like a sewage pump lid to me with two holes just like in Joe’s graphic…