Egress Door Clarification

Ben Gromicko’s recent video on egress door height states 78 inches.
The Egress Course said 6 foot 8 inches, which is 80 inches.
Here is a link to the, I think 2008 IBC and IRC codes along with a screenshot of the relevant info, which may be too small to read.
Anyway, can anyone tell me definitively what the height requirement is, especially as related to the HI Exam, InterNACHI’S Exam, in the state of Florida.

Thank you.

Here is the code as it reads in 2018. Code is every 3 years so the new code will be 2021, there is no 2008 (2009).

R311.2 Egress door. Not less than one egress door shall be
provided for each dwelling unit. The egress door shall be
side-hinged, and shall provide a clear width of not less than
32 inches (813 mm) where measured between the face of the
door and the stop, with the door open 90 degrees (1.57 rad).
The clear height of the door opening shall be not less than 78
inches (1981 mm) in height measured from the top of the
threshold to the bottom of the stop. Other doors shall not be
required to comply with these minimum dimensions. Egress
doors shall be readily openable from inside the dwelling without
the use of a key or special knowledge or effort.

Your copy of code is heavily edited (crossed out sections) This is what they do at the local level as they adopt parts as written and modify others. Standard door height is 80 inches. Note also that the measurement given for width will require a 36" door, as there is no standard door size between 32 and 36 and a 32 inch door will not be wide enough the way code wants it measured.


Yep, Bob has it right.


Another misinterpretation with a Nachi course.

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